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Military Inspiration


I entered active duty as an Infantry Officer in May of 2013 after commissioning from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania. I always knew growing up that I wanted to serve the country and after watching close family members make multiple deployments overseas, I was committed to joining after graduating college.

I was first sent to Fort Benning, GA to complete the Infantry Officer Basic Course, Ranger School and Airborne School. Soon after completed my required schools and skill sets I was sent to my first duty station, Fort Hood, Texas. During my time in Texas I was fortunate to be an Infantry Platoon Leader for two years and take them on a nine-month rotation to South Korea.

During my time in the military I quickly realized the value it had offered me. I was taught leadership, management, an in-depth decision making process and logistical operations. I learned from failures and successes while facilitating training and operations with 40 other individuals next to me. Through mentors, peers and subordinates the military developed my abilities to lead and organize a company.


The values I learned during my time in the military have directly influenced the same values we hold close to us at Bare Performance Nutrition.

Nick Bare,
Founder & CEO of Bare Performance Nutrition