How To Use G.1.M Sport

How To Use G.1.M Sport

What is G.1.M Sport?

G.1.M Sport is our superior endurance formula created with high-quality carbohydrates and electrolytes to help fuel, hydrate, and improve your performance during training sessions. The best word that should be used to describe the purpose of this product is, FUEL. 

Performance Fuel

Who Should Use G.1.M Sport?

We created this product because we identified a need in the market. As athletes ourselves, we were tired of being stuck with endurance fuels (carbohydrate + electrolyte powders) that ended up hurting our stomachs, causing gas/bloating and to be honest, made training for extended periods of time miserable.

The reason we use endurance fuels around training is to fuel our body through training sessions. Carbohydrates act as a quick acting carbohydrate source, which provides and sustains energy. Electrolytes replenish what is lost during workouts and especially as you sweat more. The combination of these two key ingredients allows us to maintain training intensity for longer periods of time and in return, make progress in our fitness.

G.1.M Sport was formulated with the endurance athlete in mind. It is great for runners, cyclist, swimmers and especially beneficial for athletes who train for longer than one hour. It can also be used pre-workout, before starting a training session, to prime the body with energy and electrolytes for a stronger workout.

How To Use

How Can You Use G.1.M Sport During A Workout?

We recommend consuming 1-2 servings of G.1.M Sport before you begin training to prime your body with the fuel and electrolytes required for that training session. If you are cycling, you can store additional water bottles mixed with G.1.M Sport on your bike, but if you are running you can use a hand-held water bottle, like the one shown below, to sip on during the run.

Hand Held Water Bottle

What Is The Difference Between G.1.M Sport and the Electrolyte Powder?

We have been getting some questions in regards to what makes our new electrolyte powder different from G.1.M Sport.  One is a fuel source and the other promotes essential daily hydration.

While both products do contain a balanced ratio of electrolytes, they can be used in different scenarios for different reasons.  G.1.M Sport is our superior endurance supplement. Each serving contains 20 grams of easily digestible carbohydrates and 350 mg of sodium. This product is best used around training, when a fuel source is required. Many athletes will use G.1.M Sport before and during a long run, bike workout or swim session.

It is popular for runners and triathletes, because it supports performance through fueling and replenishing lost electrolytes as you sweat.  This combination of carbohydrates and electrolytes act as FUEL SOURCE that keeps your body “or engine” moving at an optimal performance for longer periods of time.

Our electrolyte powder contains sodium, potassium, chloride, calcium and magnesium in a ratio for maximum fluid regulation to optimize your performance, and maintain appropriate levels of hydration for every day use.  Each serving contains 500 mg of sodium, with zero sugar and is naturally sweetened and flavored.

Many people live their lives in a constant state of dehydration, and we want to help fix that.  Dehydration symptoms often include headaches, fatigue, muscle cramps, constipation and decreased athletic performance.  By restoring your bodies electrolyte balance you can avoid these symptoms of dehydration, maintain your overall health and support your performance and recovery.

So, if you need a FUEL source, choose G.1.M Sport for superior endurance.

If you want to maintain appropriate levels of hydration during training and throughout the day, sip on a serving or two of our electrolyte powder.

They can be used together and on the same day.


 G.1.M Sport Electrolytes

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