G.1.M Sport - Endurance + Electrolytes: Why You Need It

G.1.M Sport - Endurance + Electrolytes: Why You Need It

At one point or another, athletes across all training styles and ability levels suffer from a similar problem. One that will rapidly decrease performance, minimize potential, and possibly place them on the sidelines, altogether.

Identifying A Problem:

Nick Bare, BPN Founder and Hybrid Athlete, faced this problem head on. In preparation for his Ironman triathlon (a 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike, and 26.2-mile run), Nick was often dehydrated and under fueled. Like you, Nick pours his heart and soul into his training. The mindset and intentionality is never in question, but if our bodies are unable to rise to the occasion, frustration and doubt can overwhelm even the strongest among us.

With months of training and sacrifice ahead of him, Nick knew that he needed a fuel source that could be consumed both before and during his training sessions. Something that would replenish, rehydrate, and allow for greater performance possibilities, even in the later stages of a workout or race. In experimenting with various offerings on the market, an issue quickly became clear. Many supplemental fuel sources were nothing more than a cheap combination of sugar and salt, leaving the athlete feeling worse than before. Performance-minded consumers needed something better

Nick wasn’t impressed – so he went to the drawing board.

Searching For A Solution:

The problem of under fueling brings with it detriments that are far reaching in the worlds of both endurance and strength. Without an effective fuel and hydration source, you risk underachieving and sacrificing the hard work that you consistently pour into your sport.

You see, many powdered supplements (especially those meant to be consumed intra-workout) can cause gastrointestinal discomfort and distress; they fail to provide the fuel, hydration, and performance benefits that they advertise. Because of this, Nick set out to create the most comprehensive carbohydrate and electrolyte formula on the market. He experimented with numerous formulas and put them into practice in his own training.

This trial-and-error led to the discovery of a new type of fuel source. One that digests easily, is quickly absorbed, and used by the body, and significantly strengthens performance possibilities for athletes. If like us, training is a large part of your lifestyle, this article (and the product discussed within it) is for you!

G.1.M Sport: A New Type of Fuel Source

Your tank always has a little bit left in it… You can always push a little bit farther. You have more ability than you think. But only if you fuel with the best. Go One More® Sport (G.1.M for short) represents all that Bare Performance Nutrition is as a brand, and all that we aspire to promote for our community.

This product is an endurance supplement packed with a high-quality carbohydrate source known as Cluster Dextrin®, as well as a full electrolyte profile supplying 350mg of sodium per serving. The benefits of this formula include:

  1. Training fuel – 20 grams Cluster Dextrin® per serving
  2. Full electrolyte profile to replenish what is lost during training
  3. Fast gastric emptying to avoid stomach discomfort, bloating, and gas
  4. Sustained energy for better, longer training sessions
  5. Refreshing flavors of Lemon Lime and Fruit Punch

Wondering if this product is for you? Don’t be fooled into believing that G.1.M Sport is only for triathletes and marathon runners, because this formula can elevate any type of training.

What Makes G.1.M Superior?

G.1.M Sport was created by athletes for athletes. We formulated this product with a superior carbohydrate source in Cluster Dextrin®, and sodium through Pink Himalayan Salt and TRAACS® minerals, which all work together to ensure that you can power through even the toughest sessions, races, or competitions.

Let’s discuss the outstanding benefits of Bare Performance Nutrition’s G.1.M Sport:

Fast Digesting Carbohydrates - Cluster Dextrin®, known as Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin (HBCD), has a high molecular weight and is very fast gastric emptying. This means that it passes through your stomach at a faster rate, compared to other carbohydrate sources, making it more readily available for your body to use as energy without the common stomach discomfort or bloating that accompany many endurance supplements on the market today.

Below, are some findings on the effectiveness of Cluster Dextrin®:

Study 1: When athletes consumed Cluster Dextrin® versus maltodextrin or glucose, they had significantly lower incidences of belching or flatulence during intense training, due to its ability to move from the stomach to intestine quickly.

Study 2: When athletes consumed Cluster Dextrin® versus glucose they were able to swim 1.5 times longer.

Study 3: When athletes consumed Cluster Dextrin® versus maltodextrin their level of fatigue exertion was significantly lower.

Cluster Dextrin® is proven effective, both in studies and first-hand experience, which is exactly why we had to use it in our premium endurance supplement.

Essential Hydration for Performance - G.1.M Sport’s complete electrolyte profile uses Pink Himalayan Salt as its sodium source, which is free of additives and naturally contains up to 84 different minerals in trace amounts. Additionally, TRAACS® minerals, which stands for “The Real Amino Acid Chelate System”, provides a more biologically available mineral form, promoting a greater level of absorption so that nutrients are more effectively and efficiently used by the body.

G.1.M Sport is a superior training formula that has fueled Nick’s triathlons, marathons, and ultra marathons, and continues to be a no-brainer for all athletes who refuse to settle for less than their best.

Feel the Difference:

Whether you’re training for endurance, strength, or like Nick, a hybrid athlete approach, proper fueling is essential to performance (and recovery) from big sessions. Gain the upper hand by fueling with the best, so that you can train for as long as you need to, while also being able to show up strong again the next day.

G.1.M Sport was formulated with the endurance athlete in mind. It is great for runners, cyclists, swimmers and especially beneficial for athletes who train for longer than one hour. It can also be used pre-workout, before starting a training session, to prime the body with energy and electrolytes for a stronger workout.

Under fueling can be a tricky problem for many athletes. Its performance detriments are not often felt until it’s too late, which makes a proactive approach in the form of an endurance supplement even more important.

By fueling with a carbohydrate and electrolyte formula, you can ensure that your body is primed for whatever training the day has in store. Consider this, if you run or ride long miles, engage in training sessions of upwards of 75-90 minutes, or want to effectively perform for a big competition, there is a benefit to be gained from BPN’s superior endurance product.

Feel the difference in training, see the impact in competition. G.1.M Sport is your proactive approach to performance optimization.

How to Use G.1.M Sport:

The reason we use endurance supplements around training is to fuel our body through training sessions. Carbohydrates serve as a quick acting fuel source, which provides and sustains energy. Electrolytes replenish what is lost during workouts and especially as you sweat more. The combination of these two key ingredients allows us to maintain training intensity for longer periods of time and in return, make progress in our fitness.

As you begin to incorporate this product into your training, you’ll notice a positive benefit with just one scoop! However, you may find that more or less servings at a time is most effective for your performance, and as such you can scale the below recommendations to fit your needs and desired fueling approach.

Recommendations for G.1.M Sport:

  1. Add 1-2 scoops to 15-20 oz of water and mix (best to mix with room temperature water, as cold water can cause the powder to clump)
  2. Consume 1-2 servings per hour of exercise to refuel, replenish, and rehydrate throughout training
  3. Shake bottle of G.1.M Sport throughout your training session, as some ingredients may settle to the bottom

Note: G.1.M Sport can be used before, during, and after your training, to best meet performance demands.

G.1.M Sport: Your New Fuel Source

The decision is clear. G.1.M Sport is your superior choice for endurance and hydration, for all that you aspire to accomplish.

Like all Bare Performance Nutrition products, G.1.M Sport is Informed Sport tested for over 280 banned substances, meaning that all athletes can benefit from our products. Have peace of mind that the supplements you are consuming are third party approved by the only global certification program that tests every single batch of product before it is released to market.

Our commitment to you is that all BPN products are built on quality and proven by results, without compromise, so that through our training we can continue to Go One More®


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