The Right Way to Hydrate: Electrolytes & When to Supplement

The Right Way to Hydrate: Electrolytes & When to Supplement

“Drink more water” that’s the only hydration tip we hear. After all, it’s tried, true, and effective... right?

Well, maybe not.

There’s more that goes into hydration than meets the eye. In fact, just drinking more water could make you even more dehydrated. That may sound crazy but let us explain.

Let’s explore how to better hydrate with the addition of a few essential minerals known as electrolytes.

But first, a very important question...



In fact, studies show that up to 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated. SEVENTY-FIVE PERCENT. That’s three out of four people in every room who are underperforming and feeling the negative effects of a poorly hydrated body.

Causes of dehydration include not drinking enough water, sweating, illness, moderate to excessive caffeine consumption, alcohol consumption, and more - all promoting an imbalance of electrolytes and fluids that the body needs to feel and perform better.

Even mild dehydration can lead to various health problems, most notably:

  • Fatigue and brain fog
  • Dizziness and lightheadedness
  • Headache
  • Muscle cramps
  • Diminished physical performance

Many people suffer from symptoms of dehydration because they aren’t properly informed on how to combat the root cause of the issue. And with so many people in-need of a solution to this daily problem, it’s important we get the facts straight.


What if you’re actually over-hydrated? Get this, when you drink too much water without consuming an adequate number of electrolytes, the electrolyte levels in your body can drop well-below what is optimal for health and performance.

Electrolytes are most often lost through sweat and urine, so whether it be that you are sweating at a high-rate, or excreting excess water through urine, you run the risk of draining your body’s electrolyte stores and feeling the consequences.

If you drink water throughout the day without any added electrolytes, you may be depleting yourself of the true key to hydration. Quite literally, you may be flushing your body of the essential minerals it needs to function properly.

Everything becomes harder when your body’s electrolyte balance is out of whack. Most notably, when sodium levels plummet, you run the risk of feeling weak, fatigued, irritable, and otherwise worthless in the face of normal daily problems. To combat these issues, more water isn’t always the solution; you need to consume more electrolytes for healthy hydration levels.


So, what are electrolytes? You’ve heard about them but can’t quite put your finger on why they’re so important. Does anyone really know what these things do?

Simply put, electrolytes are essential minerals that play a necessary role in your health and well-being through the regulation of your body’s daily functions. They are charged particles that are present in bodily fluids, including blood, sweat, and urine.

These minerals include sodium, potassium, magnesium, chloride, calcium, and phosphate.

Electrolyte supplementation is a way to ensure that the body has enough of these essential minerals to optimize health and well-being. No more afternoon crashes, unwanted muscle cramps, or moments of light-headedness that have you feeling like you’re in a fever dream – electrolytes are your everyday solution.


  1. Improved Athletic Performance: Electrolyte supplementation can help improve athletic performance by maintaining fluid balance, preventing muscle cramps, and reducing fatigue.
  2. Regulates Blood Pressure: Electrolytes play a crucial role in regulating blood pressure. Sodium and potassium are particularly important in this regard. Sodium increases blood pressure, while potassium reduces it. This combination promotes a physiological balance for better short and long-term health.
  3. Prevents Muscle Cramps: Electrolyte imbalances can cause muscle cramps, particularly in athletes or people who engage in intense physical activity. Electrolyte supplementation can help prevent muscle cramps by increasing blood and plasma volume to combat heat-related cramping.
  4. Improves Nerve Function: Electrolytes are essential for proper nerve function. They help transmit signals between nerve cells and muscles. An imbalance of electrolytes can disrupt nerve function, causing muscle weakness and diminished performance.
  5. Maintains Proper Hydration: Electrolytes play a critical role in maintaining proper hydration levels in the body. They help regulate the movement of water in and out of the cells, which is important for force production and muscle tissue function.
Electrolytes in-use on the track.


Not all supplements are made the same. Some use cheap ingredients for little benefit and others prioritize quality and effectiveness. Here’s how to find a supplement that does the latter, so you can get the most out of every scoop.


Your top priority should be finding a sugar-free product that uses natural sweeteners for flavor. If you’re taking a supplement packed with sugar and calories, you are doing more harm than good to both your hydration and overall health. The best electrolyte supplements will offer great-tasting flavors, without the sugar (yes, it’s possible).


Next order of business, check the source of sodium used in the formula, as well as the amount of sodium per serving. Pink Himalayan Salt is a great option for many people because it is free of any additives and contains up to 84 different minerals in trace amounts, providing an added benefit from a single ingredient.

It’s also important to ensure there is an adequate dosage of sodium in each serving. The best recommendation would be 300-600 mg to replenish electrolyte levels.

Many people believe that the best option for a healthy lifestyle is a lower sodium diet. However, for a population that is on-the-go, working out, and eating a diet of mostly whole-foods, salt is a crucial component to feeling good.  


There’s more to hydration than sodium, alone. The most effective hydration supplements will provide all the essential minerals we’ve already discussed in their most bioavailable form – meaning your body will absorb and use each electrolyte effectively.

BPN Electrolytes benefits.

For the most comprehensive electrolytes supplement available, check out BPN Electrolytes. Great tasting, naturally sweetened flavors, 500 mg of sodium, and a complete electrolyte profile in each scoop means that you don’t need to sweat the symptoms of dehydration.

Enhance your hydration, performance, and daily health now!

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