A new year means a clear vision and renewed purpose toward your goals. If you're planning to push the standard in 2023, you need the foundational aspects of your life to be in check.

What is the foundation? Health and wellness. Without it, you can't push harder and reach farther to find your full potential.

Whether you've been using BPN supplements for years or trying them for the first time, this article will highlight three products we offer that you NEED to know. Strong Multi-Vitamin, Strong Joints, and Strong Food provide unique solutions to common problems.

These supplements offer performance and health-minded consumers the advantage in their daily lives with formulas made from evidence-based ingredients and no compromises. Try one or all three and see how great you feel (and perform) with strong products created for those who want to get the most out of their new year!



Strong Multi-Vitamin is a powerful combination of high-quality ingredients with essential vitamins and minerals to optimize your health, energy, mood, and sleep.

Our Multi-Vitamin is formulated to:

  • Provide essential vitamins and minerals
  • Improve cognitive health
  • Improve memory, focus, attention, mood, and stress
  • Support healthy glucose metabolism


Your performance isn't average – neither is Strong Multi-Vitamin. This product was built for everyone because no matter how much we prioritize our health and wellness, there will always be nutritional gaps that food alone can't cover.

Our lives are busier than ever. For those of us who are performance-minded, there never seems to be enough hours to kill it at work, run that errand, and fit in a workout. If we miss a grocery run, we fall behind on our healthy eating game all week - leading to more takeout and, often, less nutrient-rich food.

So, for those of us who often suffer from making meal choices out of convenience, we could be lacking a balanced diet rich in the vitamins and minerals we need to feel — and perform — our best. This is where our Strong Multi-Vitamin comes into play. A way to fill in the gaps in our diet when life gets busy and our meals get a bit off balance.

It's a fan favorite among our wellness products for a reason — check out why we made Strong Multi-Vitamin and how you can include it as part of your support system for daily wellness.


Vitamin B Complex: B vitamins are important for ensuring the body's cells function properly. They help the body convert food into energy, create new blood cells, and maintain healthy skin cells, brain cells, and other body tissues.

Clinically Studied Adaptogens: Strong Multi-Vitamin contains clinically studied ingredients such as Bacopa Monnieri (Bacognize®) and Sensoril® Ashwagandha that have been shown to support cognitive health, focus, mood, and sleep quality.

Not Your Basic Multi-Vitamin: In addition to powerful adaptogens and a total vitamin and mineral profile, we included Chromax®, chromium picolinate, which is supported by over 35 human clinical studies to support cognitive function, weight management, food cravings, mood, and support for healthy glucose metabolism.

To top it all off, Strong Multi-Vitamin contains BioPerine®, a patented extract obtained from black pepper fruits, which has been used as a bioavailability enhancer for over 20 years. BioPerine® may be co-administered with various nutrients (like those above) to enhance their bioavailability and possible benefits!


As a dietary supplement, take four capsules daily with food. Why so many capsules, you may ask? Because Strong Multi-Vitamin provides a formula rich in essential vitamins and minerals, we refused to compromise on any of its ingredients. A four-capsule serving size offers the nutritional value you deserve from a multi-vitamin supplement.

Strong Multi-Vitamin pairs well with Strong Greens and Strong Reds for the ultimate health stack. Always take your multi-vitamin with food to avoid the risk of upset stomach and derive the greatest benefits from each micronutrient in our formula!



A joint supplement that meets the demands of mobility and joint comfort every day. Strong Joints is a one-capsule-per-day supplement formulated to improve how you feel, move, perform, and live.

The benefits of Strong Joints include:

  • Promotes healthy joints
  • Supports healthy cartilage
  • Supports mobility
  • Reduces inflammatory responses and swelling involved in joint pain and fatigue


Everyone can benefit from better joint and cartilage health! Whether you are an athlete, active parent, or busy business owner, the ability to feel and move better will influence how you show up each day.

A few years ago, Nick Bare, BPN Founder and hybrid athlete, began to experience the regular aches and pains of his rigorous training. From heavy lifting in the gym to his preparation for triathlons, marathons, and ultra-distance events, Nick's performance and life outside training were hindered.

As is the case for many BPN products, Strong Joints serves as the solution to common problems experienced in training and life. Nick and the team do diligent research, work with great manufacturers, and create effective products that serve our community today.

Strong Joints offers a formula that supports the natural stress of daily movement and impact.


Strong Joints only requires one capsule daily to get the studied dosages of key ingredients shown to rebuild joint cartilage. Let's look at the formula:

Methylsulfonylmethane (as OptiMSM®): OptiMSM® aids in short-term recovery by reducing inflammatory responses and swelling involved in joint pain and fatigue. Physical exertion and active movement are essential to overall health, but they can also take a toll on joints and cartilage over time. OptiMSM® supports joint health and can help protect the muscles and joints from exercise-induced damage to support faster recovery time! *OptiMSM® is a registered trademark of Bergstrom Nutrition.

Standardized Cartilage (as UC-II®): UC-II is a patented form of collagen with undenatured (native) type II collagen to improve joint mobility and support flexibility. Our joints empower movement, from exercise to manual labor. This supplement can help you live a better life by facilitating the rebuilding of joint cartilage that can be damaged as we move through our day. Supported by clinical studies, 40 mg of UC-II benefits joint comfort, mobility, and flexibility. *UC-II® is a registered trademark of InterHealth N.I.

Hyaluronic Acid: Hyaluronic acid is found in the joints and keeps the space between your bones well-lubricated.


You can benefit from Strong Joints. As a dietary supplement, take a capsule daily with food and discover the endless benefits of stronger joints.



Our meal replacement powder is crafted from real food ingredients. Strong Food represents the perfect mix of the best food sources you know and trust.

Consider some of Strong Food's ingredients:

  • Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs), a healthy fat source that our bodies use for fuel
  • Gluten-Free Oat Powder, which offers a smooth consistency
  • Sweet Potato Powder
  • Whey Protein Isolate
  • Pea Protein
  • Cinnamon
  • Pink Himalayan Salt
  • Flaxseed
  • Chia Protein

Plus, Strong Food is low sugar (only 1g) with 0g of added sugars and zero compromises on flavor and enjoyability!


What high-quality meal can you eat with the macronutrients your body needs to feel good when you've only got minutes to fuel up? We tried what was out there and knew we could do better.

Life moves fast. And let's face it, sometimes making a full meal to sit down and enjoy is a luxury. Strong Food offers nutrition for when minutes matter most, so you can get back to your day fueled for whatever is in store. Reflecting on the creation of Strong Food, Nick says,

"Our most important step was to create an effective ingredient profile. Each ingredient is intentionally chosen in an adequate amount to ensure we create an effective product — with the macros [proteins, carbs, and fats], you need to feel full and be fulfilled. We had countless sampling sessions and tried numerous formulas to dial in the taste, too."

If you refuse to compromise, Strong Food is for you.


For a meal replacement powder that met our (and your) high standards, we formulated, sampled, failed, and formulated again to include the perfect mix of the best food sources. Each serving contains balanced nutritional sources, a robust blend of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats your body needs from a whole meal.

Proteins: Each serving contains 40 grams of high-quality protein sources from whey protein isolate and pea protein, helping your body recover, build lean muscle, and promote satiety.

Carbohydrates: Effective amounts of low glycemic carbohydrates from gluten-free oat powder and sweet potato powder are excellent sources of energy for the work you perform each day.

Fats: Healthy sources of dietary fat from MCT powder, macadamia nut oil powder, and flaxseed; these ingredients will fuel your mind and body.

You don't cut corners in your life, and neither did we in the making of Strong Food. Each ingredient has a purpose so that in each 3-scoop serving, you can gain the benefits of a full nutrition-packed meal – and one that you'll enjoy with every sip!


Strong Food is ready at the speed of life. Consume when you need it most, from a post-workout meal to any moment when you're on the go and need to refuel fast.

In a 3-scoop serving, you gain all the benefits of a nutrition-packed meal for just $4.25 per serving! Strong Food is for everyone, and we offer two great-tasting flavors: Chocolate and Cinnamon Roll.

Need a high-quality, convenient meal that meets the demands of your fast-paced life? Strong Food is for you!


Like all BPN products, Strong Multi-Vitamin, Strong Joints, and Strong Food are tested and certified by Informed Sport, a global independent supplement testing and certification program designed to test supplements for elite athletes and any drug-tested personnel.

It is the only global certification program that tests every single product batch before it's released to market.


2023 is full of possibilities, and the BPN team is excited to support you every step of the way. We encourage you to Go One More® by committing to something hard (whatever that looks like for you) and giving your best with each step, rep, and moment.

Be a part of something special – a mission that inspires the best out of your everyday. Try any of our products and see how quality supplementation can support your performance and health. We'll provide the necessary tools, resources, and community, so you can stay committed toward your goals!