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Quality Supplement Shaker Bottles

A supplement shaker bottle makes taking your supplements on the go easy and convenient. A Bare Performance Nutrition supplement shaker bottle is a staple item in your gym bag, allowing you to mix up your pre-workout, great-tasting whey protein, or high energy supplement when and where you want. Stylish, durable, and designed with athletes in mind, you can count on our supplement shaker bottles to deliver all the features you need and more.

Experience the Difference

Our shakers are designed to tick all the boxes, delivering a world-class experience with every sip. Here are some features you can anticipate when you buy a BPN supplement shaker bottle:

  • Leak-proof caps prevent spillage
  • Durable construction
  • Blender balls ensure a smooth, clump-free blend every time
  • Oversized design so there’s ample leftover room to shake
  • Fast and easy sealing
  • Stylish Bare Performance Nutrition logo

Order the Best Shakers Now

A shaker is the perfect complement to our incredible supplements, so why not pick one up and see for yourself? If you have any questions about our shaker bottles, please call 512-420-7648, or email us at [email protected]. Elevate your workout sessions with a top-of-the-line supplement shaker bottle from Bare Performance Nutrition.