We asked and you delivered! With your support, BPN is working to grow the brand through strategic partnerships with select retail accounts. This expansion into retail will further the reach of the Go One More® community and support our vision of pushing the standards of health, wellness, and human resilience!

Over the past few months, we've watched as BPN products have hit shelves in Scheels, Central Market, and select H-E-B locations. The new presence in retail is an exciting milestone for the business and will continue to be a strategic focus for the brand in 2023.

In this article, our goal is to educate on the value of retail and emphasize your vital role in BPN's retail success.

We would not be where we are today without our loyal customers. Your loyalty allows us to look confidently into the future and set ambitious goals that challenge us as persons and professionals. We promise to work daily in hopes of fulfilling our mission to equip people with the tools, resources, and community to Go One More every day!

From the Ground Up: BPN in Retail Stores

Why now? Coming into 2022, a central point of focus for the brand was to successfully enter retail stores, providing consumers with the opportunity to add BPN products to their grocery list!

As the end of the calendar year approaches, we have built a foundation of success to carry into 2023. BPN has displayed the power of community through meet-and-greet events at Central Market and H-E-B locations. These powerful moments will continue to impact the trajectory of BPN, and we're so grateful for you!

Moving forward, BPN will continue to expand into the retail space. We believe strongly in the quality of our products and the positive impact they have on the performance and health of our consumers. Because of this, we want to reach as many people as possible, empowering them through training and supplementation. A presence in local stores like Scheels, Central Market, and H-E-B gives us greater reach to a new audience.

Despite all the successes that we've experienced in our first decade of business, having products on store shelves will provide significant benefits for the company. While online sales have gotten BPN to where it’s at today, we realize that not everyone will discover our products through e-commerce alone. The retail expansion allows us to build our brand in a new space, grow our community, and further push the standard for the supplement industry.

Partnership Matters:

A strong relationship with retail distributors is essential to the success of BPN in stores. Each new business and store location we partner with is purposeful. We aim to prove velocity (rate of retail sales), support each other, and promote positive outcomes for all parties.

BPN is a Texas-based brand. We are headquartered in Round Rock, just outside of Austin, and are incredibly proud of our roots. Because of this, we have intentionally adopted a grassroots approach to retail. This strategy means that we can launch in regional grocers and call upon our social ecosystem (the BPN community) to prove our ability to sell and support retail partners.

Recently, we've seen massive success in all Central Market locations throughout Texas. BPN products are displayed on brand blocks to showcase most effectively who we are and our product line. Our latest development has been the introduction into two H-E-B locations (Frisco and Plano), and we hope to expand into all H-E-B stores by Spring 2023!

As we continue our retail expansion, we will continue developing relationships, fostering partnerships, and expanding into stores nationwide.

Community: A Crucial Component to Success

From Athletic Club events to pop-up shops, we prioritize establishing meaningful moments with our community. And with our continued expansion into local stores, we've seen the tremendous benefit of meet-and-greet events at new retail locations throughout Texas.

We view the support that BPN receives from its community members as necessary for the business's growth. Loyal customers like you are the 'x-factor' to our success. Our community continues to show up and show out for the brand, our products, and the mission.

This impact was especially evident with our recent events at two new retail locations in Dallas (Central Market, Lover's Lane, and H-E-B, Frisco). You hung out with the team, talked with our Founder and CEO, Nick Bare, sampled products, and made a significant dent in each store's inventory! In the best way possible, these events put on full display the power of our tribe.

Community is what drives us. Every day at Bare Performance Nutrition, we commit to Go One More for you. Thank you for showing up not only for your own goals but for the goals of those around you. We will always be much more than a supplement company. We are a team that represents a lifestyle and mindset. Together, we will go far!

Our Path Forward:

We’re just scratching the surface of growth. Retail will be a point of focus for BPN in 2023. Thank you to Scheels, Central Market, and H-E-B for the opportunity to share BPN supplements with their customer bases.

If you're interested in shopping our supplements in-store, you can use the store locator below to find a retail location in your area!

We hope you continue to follow our journey and support BPN and its retail partners. And if we're not currently in a store near you, our full line of products can always be found on our website! Our goal is to provide high-quality supplements that help you reach your full potential. Regardless of how you shop, you can trust BPN.