Our WHY Behind Third-Party Testing

Our WHY Behind Third-Party Testing

Do you ever wonder how the supplements you’re consuming are actually made?

It’s okay to have doubts. The supplement industry has been notoriously deemed untrustworthy for years.

Lack of transparency, failed drug tests, and spending your hard-earned money to see no results, probably plays a big role in this poor reputation. But at Bare Performance Nutrition, we’ve set out to change that, providing you the confidence in knowing that the supplements you take are banned substance tested, high-quality products. We uphold the responsibility to help you get the results you want, with supplements you can trust, and the peace of mind you deserve – that’s the Bare Standard.

Transparency is one of three core pillars in our commitment to helping you feel and perform at your highest level, built on quality and proven by results, without compromise. Interested to learn more? Let’s dive into our production process and see why it matters for you!

Why We Test Our Supplements:

Creating high-quality products is our job, but it’s also our passion.

Since BPN’s beginnings, we’ve operated with complete transparency in hopes of earning your trust and respect. We believe transparency builds a bridge between our brand and community, therefore we test all our products multiple times during the production process, while also providing you with the resources to prove that we do so.

To begin, each vendor we source our raw ingredients from must pass a qualification program set in place by our GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified manufacturer, to ensure quality and safety. Once the ingredients arrive to the manufacturing facility, they are quarantined until they pass identity testing, verifying that the product is true to its label, and approved to be used in our products.

Upon completion of the production process and before supplements are shipped to the BPN warehouse, they undergo further testing. All products are tested for heavy metals, microbiological contaminants, and other substances that may be harmful to your health.

Once each product passes and receives a certificate of analysis, the product is then cleared to be shipped to our facility in Round Rock, Texas.  

The Importance of Third-Party Testing:

An unbiased voice throughout the production process allows consumers to establish and maintain trust that each supplement they consume has been thoroughly assessed and verified for quality and safety.

When products land at the BPN headquarters they immediately go into quarantine for a second time. Quarantined pallets are placed in a specific area of our warehouse that ensures it isn’t sold to our customers until it passes another stage of approval through our third-party testing lab – Informed Sport.

Informed Sport is a world-renowned quality assurance program that combines a rigorous testing protocol along with detailed manufacturing assessments to approve that each batch of our products are tested for over 250 banned substances on the WADA List, as well as lists for organizations such as the NFL, NCAA, military, and law enforcement.

Based on Informed Sport’s analysis, one in ten sports supplements can be unintentionally contaminated with prohibited ingredients and compounds. To ensure that every product is safe for the BPN consumer, we’ve enrolled with Informed Sport to test each batch before it can be released to market.

The primary occurrences of supplement contamination typically happen during the manufacturing process, either through contaminated raw materials, or equipment that may be contaminated from a previous batch. Informed Sport tests for trace contaminants in the parts per billion range, with such precision that it can be likened to being able to identify a teaspoon of material in a swimming pool, or a single dollar out of one billion.

While most supplements on the market don’t have banned substances on their label, without a rigorous testing protocol like Informed Sport, there’s no guarantee that the product hasn’t been inadvertently contaminated before or during the manufacturing process.

Unlike other products that are sold to consumers, the supplement industry doesn’t regulate its products as closely, and a program like Informed Sport is strictly voluntary.

With transparency at the forefront of our decision-making process, you can have absolute confidence in knowing our products have passed the most in-depth form of sports supplement testing; our continued promise to you that BPN products represent quality, purity, and safety for all that you aspire to work towards.

Informed Protein:

As an extension of our commitment to third-party testing, we were the first company to enroll in the Informed Protein program. This process tests and verifies that the levels of protein listed on the label align with the amount that you’ll receive from each serving.

In some cases, the addition of extra amino acids or other adulterants can produce results that show a specific amount of protein in each product, when the levels that the consumer will receive are much lower. This is a problem for anyone who relies on the accuracy of their nutrition and care about the amount of protein they’re consuming.

When the Informed Protein program became an option, we jumped at the opportunity. Protein serves as a building block for the body and can play a significant role in your progress towards performance and health goals. Every batch of BPN Whey and Vegan Protein powders are certified through the Informed Protein program, affording you the peace of mind that the grams of protein listed on the label is exactly what you will receive in each scoop.

Bare Performance Nutrition’s philosophy is simple, you shouldn’t have to worry about whether you can trust a company that is ultimately supposed to help you. The health of our consumers matters to us, and we uphold the responsibility of helping you to find your full potential through training and supplementation.

For these reasons, we test every batch of our products through third-party measures, to ensure that all supplements are proven safe and effective. Start the process of optimizing your performance and health with us and experience first-hand the power of high-quality supplementation.

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Whey Protein Powder

Servings - 27


  • Vanilla
  • Fudge Chocolate
  • Cinnamon Roll
  • Blueberry Muffin
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter
  • Milk N' Cookies
  • Nutter Bar Blast
  • Strawberry
  • Unflavored
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4,942 Reviews

Flight / Pre Workout

Servings - 30


  • Prickly Pear
  • Blue Raspberry
  • Strawberry Kiwi
  • Pink Lemonade
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Go Gel / Endurance Gel

10 Single Serve Gel Packs


  • Mixed Berry
  • Apple Cinnamon
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Electrolytes / Hydration Drink Mix

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  • Strawberry
  • Salted Watermelon
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