August 2022 marks 10 years in business for BPN! Our company was founded on integrity, transparency, and service, and these values continue to drive every action taken. In celebration of the past decade, we went all in on a day of celebration with the Go One More® community.

The festivities included a group run in the heart of Austin, Texas, a pop-up shop featuring limited time offers, as well as our best-selling products, and an after party to end the day with a bang!

This weekend was a perfect representation of the community that has been built over the past 10 years of business, and the tremendous honor that we have, to move into this next decade together.


The Bare Performance Nutrition team is made up of driven leaders who are passionate about helping others reach their highest levels of fitness, with training, nutrition, and supplementation.

As people from all over the country and world descended upon Austin, Texas, they were immersed in a common passion for growth, and a pursuit of their best selves. We are not here without the tremendous efforts of you, the community, who further the meaning of Go One More through actions taken every single day.

This was the vision when our Founder and CEO, Nick Bare began BPN. And now, from his small college apartment to a far-reaching impact across the world, we can run forward into this next decade of business together.

Our mission is built around having a positive impact on the lives of our community.

From the outside looking in, we are a supplement company. But for all who invest in and contribute to the mission, there is an understanding that we are something much greater.

We can go fast alone, but we will go farther together.

Event #1: BPN Athletic Club

In kicking things off, we took over the trails of Austin in a big way. A 10K run in honor of our 10th year!

Immediately following the run, we provided our community with free offerings of the limited-edition flavor of the weekend: Birthday Cake Whey Protein. As well as key hydration supplements, G.1.M Sport and our Electrolytes Drink Mix to combat the Texas heat.

The turnout for the Saturday morning run was remarkable. A perfect way to kick start the big day!

Event #2: BPN Pop Up Shop

Shortly following the Athletic Club event, we opened the doors to a unique experience, a pop-up shop decked out with big BPN vibes and 15% off everything in store!

The Bare Smoothie Bar provided 10/10 nutrition to keep energy high, thanks to the local Southbound Sips.

We offered limited-edition apparel, including the highly popular Stay in the Fight and G1M t-shirts.

And the community got to have a meet and greet with the man himself, Nick Bare! The experience lasted through the afternoon, carrying us into the third and final event of our anniversary weekend.

Event #3: BPN After Party

To cap off the special day, we hosted a party, complete with food, drinks, music, comradery, and of course, cake!

We partnered with our friends at El Hombre Taco to cater an amazing dinner for all guests, along with drinks from Big Country Hard Seltzer. The opportunity to partner with Austin-based businesses is a core part of our pillar of service and partnership with the local community.

In reflecting on the past decade, Nick gave a speech to all in attendance. He expressed the gratitude for each and every BPN supporter and Go One More community member.

Because of you, we can influence health and fitness journey’s, inspire action, and change lives. And this is just the beginning.


As we head into our next decade, we plan to spread the Go One More message farther and wider. The mission and vision remain the same, and the work that we do will always be built around our core pillars of integrity, transparency, and service. We will continue to serve our community, and work in the best interest of you, the conscious consumer.

Our products will continue to be innovative and impactful on the lives of all who desire to lead lives of health and performance. Because we believe that the work that we do is about much more than supplements, alone. Our purpose lies in our ability to impact and interact with you, the Go One More® community.

Together, we are a brand on a mission.