For years, the supplement industry has been tremendously complex, serving as more of a problem than a solution for many well-intentioned consumers who desire to optimize their health and performance.

Over the course of the past decade, Nick Bare, Founder and CEO of Bare Performance Nutrition has taken ownership over this imperfect industry, operating through integrity, transparency, and service for all who want to stay informed and aware about the products that they consume.

As a company that practices what we preach, our goal is to provide consumers with quality information, so that they are inspired to learn more, perform better, and live healthier.

This article will serve as a guide of quality information in navigating the landscape of today’s supplement space. Gain insight into the truth behind the industry, why BPN stands out from their competition in a crowded market, and how supplements can serve as the solution (not problem) - a complete consumer’s guide for the best, most reliable products to support your life and goals.

The Truth About the Supplement Industry:

In 2012, when BPN first got its start from Nick’s small college apartment, the supplement industry could be likened to the wild, wild west. Governing rules and guidelines were loosely enforced, and companies failed to accurately disclose what ingredients hid behind the labels of their products.

This led to consumers buying largely ineffective products with formulations that could easily do more harm than good. And the sad reality is that for some, these issues still hold true.

In BPN, Nick saw an opportunity to stand out and lead from the front. No longer does the truth about what you’re consuming need to be hidden. Long gone are the days of ineffective supplements. This industry should be led by those who are willing to do it the right way, every time, in the best interest of the consumer.

The truth is, no supplement will ever replace the value of real, whole food nutrition; but most supplement companies want you to believe the opposite. Fortunately, we’re not like most companies.

With the goal of optimizing health and performance being central to your mindset, the most important areas of focus should be training, nutrition, sleep, and recovery. BPN provides products that help consumers to maximize their performance in each of these areas, while also encouraging growth through the foundation of habits and lifestyle practices.

Reasons for supplementing with a product may be to fill nutritional gaps, strengthen current areas of weakness, and elevate performance. As you read this article, consider which products can best be applied to your health and performance goals.

Testing For Banned Substances:

When you search for the supplements and brand that most effectively meet your needs, you should be confident in each of the ingredients provided to you.  

Informed Sport is a world-renowned doping control and research laboratory that tests for a wide range of banned substances on the WADA Prohibited List and lists for organizations such as the NFL, NCAA, Military, and Law Enforcement.

Based on Informed Sport’s surveys and testing, 10-15% of supplements on the market may suffer from low levels of contamination. Even if the contamination levels are low, an athlete may still test positive for a banned substance. Additionally, high-performing consumers tend to take numerous supplements each day to help with recovery and performance. If any of these supplements contain even low levels of a banned substance, the cumulative levels could trigger an adverse finding in their drug test.

For these reasons, all Bare Performance Nutrition supplements are enrolled in Informed Sport’s testing program. Each of our products are tested for over 250 banned substances, meaning you can have absolute confidence in knowing that our supplements have passed the most stringent sports supplement testing protocols.

This process occurs in 4 stages:

Stage #1: Product & Manufacturing Review

Stage #2:  Pre-Certification Sample Testing  

Stage #3:  Product Supplement Certification, Logo Use, & Web Listing

Stage #4:  Post Certification Requirements & Testing

Every batch-tested product will be displayed on the Informed Sport website. Learn more about the details of these processes here.

The presence of the Informed Sport logo demonstrates to you that we uphold responsibility of providing each consumer with the peace of mind they deserve. Our investment into Informed Sport puts our beliefs of integrity and transparency into action, helping you to get the results that you work so hard to earn.

Supplements as the Solution to a Problem:

For BPN, all supplements that we sell are born out of a story. The team experiences a problem or recognizes an area that we’d like optimized, and in-turn, we formulate the best possible solution through supplementation.

Before we finalize and distribute any product, it must be perfect. From an amazing offering of flavor profiles to the intentional selection and dosage of each ingredient, we refuse to cut any corners, because ultimately, we too will use and benefit from the products that we sell.

This process involves excellent relationships with ingredient suppliers and manufactures, an analysis of peer reviewed research studies, and the attention to detail of testing ingredients in isolation over the course of weeks, to decide on whether each supplement’s formulation can truly solve the problem at hand.

As athletes and ‘go getters’, we believe that the benefits of supplementation should be evidenced by how you feel and perform on a regular basis. Whether it’s better digestion and energy levels in daily life, or greater muscular endurance and power output in the gym, the products that you take should make a noticeable impact on your capacity for progression.

This can only happen for the consumer if we, as the producers of high-quality supplements, ensure that every ingredient passes tests of safety and effectiveness, while also providing a great tasting solution that people actually want to use.

What problems are you encountering in your life? There’s a supplement that can help you to resolve or optimize it!

The supplement industry can be a tricky place for consumers to navigate. Information is easily presented with bias in favor of the company selling product, and ingredient profiles often don’t match the advertised benefits.

Unfortunately, people who desire to optimize their health and performance are put at a disadvantage because of how they’re led to believe that they need an endless array of products to simply get started. The reality is that the supplements you choose should always be ‘in addition to’, as opposed to the primary solution for a problem. When you view supplements in this way, as something of added benefit, it allows for a greater understanding of which products will provide the best return on your investment.

In this process, be sure that you are choosing supplements that are tested, trusted, and true to what you want and need. Like you, the brand that you choose should always vow to go the extra mile, taking the steps necessary to ensure that you can find your full potential.

Optimize your health and performance with us and never question the quality of your supplements again.