As a Nation, we join each year on the 11th day of November to honor all Veterans of the uniformed services who have served or are currently serving.

We are proud that Bare Performance Nutrition is Veteran-owned by Nick Bare. Our Founder and CEO served in the U.S. Army as an Infantry Platoon Leader and, through his time, gained invaluable experience and skills unique to that of military service. The values of America's armed forces are ingrained into the lifeblood of our company and proudly enrich one of our core pillars: Service.

For us, service means meeting our community's needs and coming alongside to help them take life head-on. We realize that genuinely feeling your best takes more than any product can provide, so we invest fully into our community and the Veterans who are a part of it.

In honor of this Veteran's Day, we connected with Marine Corps Veteran and Go One More® community member Dustin Fleming to discuss his time in service and how BPN continues to support a life of health and performance, allowing him to serve to the greatest capacity.

An Origin of Service:

For Dustin, there was a draw to the military from a young age. He valued service and the tremendous responsibility that accompanies such selflessness. Coming from a military family, it was a point of pride and honor to join the ranks of America's armed forces.

In 2014, Dustin graduated from Marine Corps recruit training in Paris Island, South Carolina. He then graduated from the Marine Corps School of Infantry East as a Basic Trained Rifleman. He was a part of the Fleet Anti-Terrorism Unit (FAST), specializing in quick and effective responses to terroristic threats and leading teams of Marines across multiple deployments overseas.

Dustin says that the 'first to fight' philosophy had drawn him to the Marines, and the great sense of community reinforced his passion for service to the country. In reflecting on his time in the Corps, he says, "It was about embracing the suck together and growing a bond." This comradery is well-known for all who have served, and for Nick was a significant contributing factor in his desire to build the BPN team into the business and community that it represents today.

Service brings us together. Whether it be a small act during your day or a commitment that spans years, those who accept the responsibility to sacrifice for the greater good are what make our world a better place; today and all days, we are grateful.

Refusing to Settle:

On a deployment in Okinawa, Japan, serving as an Infantry Squad Leader, Dustin found BPN for the first time. To gain knowledge and inspiration on health and fitness, he browsed YouTube and discovered Nick's channel. Dustin immediately gravitated to the energy. Something about the passion that Nick displayed encouraged him to further support the mission and vision of the company.

Shortly following, Dustin placed his first order of BPN's Whey Protein, Creatine, and Flight Pre Workout. But there was one problem, shipping the supplements from BPN's headquarters in Round Rock, Texas, to Japan could be an issue. He reached out to the team and quickly received confirmation that the supplements would be on their way, and a short time later, he got to enjoy the benefits of each product.

Since that first order, Dustin says he hasn't strayed from BPN's ever-growing supplement selection. He now uses the 'strong stack' of Greens and Reds Superfood Powders, Strong Omega Fish Oil, In-Focus, and numerous other products daily. When asked what sets BPN apart from other companies in the industry, he says consistency is the overwhelming answer.

In 2019, Dustin transitioned out of the military and now serves as a Texas Game Warden, a member of State Law Enforcement that works to conserve natural and cultural resources, providing opportunities for the use and enjoyment of present and future generations. Like Nick, Dustin credits much of his skills to the military. He says it was through those experiences that he learned the value of quality leadership.

Pushing the Standard:

When asked how BPN has supported his life and career, Dustin says you must have it between the ears. The perspectives, information, and inspiration Nick and the BPN team provided him over the years has enhanced his ability to serve and lead.

Dustin proudly said that BPN and its community members refuse to settle. They are consistent and search for growth through hardship. Surely, he has learned and applied many of these ideas through his military experience, and with the help of the Go One More® mindset, he will continue to further the standards of his life and work.

He emphasized that complacency kills, a sentiment that speaks perfectly to what the Go One More® tagline means to embody.

In discussing health and performance goals, Dustin emphasized the importance of staying ready for all that his job may require. For years he has prepared his body to perform through the hybrid athlete approach of running and lifting popularized by Nick because it applied perfectly to the demands placed on him during his military experience.

Today, Dustin continues to lead the push for health and wellness through his career in law enforcement. When asked about the value of physical fitness for service members, he said, "It's about caring more about the person to the left and right of you than you do about yourself." Dustin continually pushes to be better with the understanding that he must be ready to perform when called upon – a powerful testament to the values displayed by America's Veterans.

Applying Go One More®:

What does it mean to you? It's unique for each person and holds a special place in the hearts of those who have built lives around service and sacrifice.

Did I give my all? Did I do everything in my power to accomplish the mission? How can I better serve others? These are all questions that Dustin raised when considering what Go One More® meant to him.

"Poor preparation leads to poor performance" says Dustin. This is a saying that we've all heard, but is much easier said than done. Thankfully, as a country, we need not look far to find an exceptional group of people who embody values that make the United States of America a land of freedom and opportunity.

For BPN, supplements are just the beginning. There is a larger vision: To push the standards of health, wellness, and human resilience, which we will only achieve through people like Dustin, who serve a greater purpose with selflessness and courage.

To all who have served or are currently serving in America's military, we offer the highest level of gratitude and appreciation for all you have provided our country.

A Message From Nick:

Having the opportunity to serve in the United States Military taught me invaluable skills that I apply to the work I do every day. I learned a lot about myself, the power of people coming together, and the strength of our beautiful nation. Without the men and women of this country volunteering to serve, we would not possess that strength. We thank you for your service and, more importantly, your selflessness. It's your selfless commitment that makes it so powerful.

The United States of America cannot operate without the fight for freedom, so thank you for protecting ours.