Go One More is powerful. It serves as a reminder and commitment to push through when faced with adversity. But why are you so committed? Why do you continue to push yourself every day?

Some choose to prove others wrong, going through life with a chip on their shoulder. We challenge you to think differently… Commit to something hard because you believe in your ability to succeed, because you know you can.

This is the reason you Go One More. It’s time to stop proving others wrong and start proving yourself right - here's your guide to making it happen.


We want you to push the standards of health, wellness, and resilience. We want you to be the person you know you can be. In 2024, write it down, commit to something difficult, and show up - constantly. We will be here to provide you with the supplements to fuel your performance, the content to fuel your mind, and the community to GO ONE MORE.

If you don’t commit to something physically hard this year, you’re missing out on the opportunity to grow.

Hard is relative. It could be your first 5k or ultramarathon; your first competition or the goal of making the next one the best one. No matter the challenge you choose, this isn’t the time to compare your hard to someone else’s. This is, however, the year to stop pushing your best off until next year.

Find the thing that is going to push your limits. Select it, put the date on your calendar, and commit to the work necessary to achieve your courageous goal.


Now is the time to pursue something hard, something that will push you far beyond your comfort zone and into a place of growth – the type of growth that many go their entire lives leaving undiscovered. If not now, then when? Here’s the blueprint:

  • Commit – Choose something physically hard that you will work toward, and remember, hard is relative.
  • Confirm – Write it down, put it into existence, talk about it, tell your family and friends. Look at it EVERY SINGLE DAY!
  • Connect – Join the Go One More community by connecting with us on social media, listening to the Bare Performance Podcast, subscribing to the YouTube channel, applying for our ambassador program, and even attending our events, like the BPN Athletic Club!

We will provide you with the tools, resources, and community to Go One More – all we ask is that you commit to something big and show up daily to do the work. You know you can do it, so prove yourself right!

Life moves fast, we get it. There are things you know you can accomplish, but it’s never the right time. We challenge you to embrace the idea of “if it matters to you, you will make time”.

Rule number one is to choose something physically hard that you are going to work tirelessly toward in 2024. What does that look like for you? Identify something that will challenge you and your unique ability levels, something that will require time and energy – something that is not easily achieved.

Commit and go all in. We challenge you to make this sacrifice, because at the end of it all, you will be stronger and ready for the next opportunity to prove yourself.

There may have been years before when you said you were going to accomplish a big goal, but life got in the way. This isn’t another one of those years. Identify what you want, talk about it, act on it, and live your potential.

This is your opportunity to write down what you’re going to do and when it’s going to be done. Hold yourself accountable and make it real. Become obsessed with the goal; create reminders for your purpose in pursuing it, and don’t waiver in your self-belief that you will succeed.

We want to help you put your goal into existence. Use the hashtag #goonemore on social media, and tag BPN accounts to make your goal known and engage with a community of people who are doing the same!

Join the BPN Go One More Community Group on Facebook and share your journey with us. We’re here to support you!

Our team is built by those who embrace hard things. We’ve seen thousands of our members bond over similar training goals, line up for races together and share in the Go One More mindset. It’s amazing to watch lives transform through the power of commitment and resilience! We encourage you to connect with people, train together, race together, and prove yourselves right together.

And we know, this challenge is no small responsibility to assume, especially when you also want to level-up other areas of your life. That’s why we’ve created something to help keep you accountable throughout the year – just hold each image down and click save to photos!

Whether you simply write the goal to make it visible for yourself, or you post and tag the BPN community on social media, this template will serve as a visual reminder to remain accountable and continue believing in yourself. List the actions that you need to take toward your goal, reflect on your reason for pursuing this challenge, and go all in with a purpose.

No one ever said it would be easy, but it will be worth it.


If you’ve connected with Go One More before, you probably have an idea of what it means. You can explain in words why it’s important. But have you considered what it looks like in action, how it feels, and in moments of struggle, how these three words can drive extraordinary action?

Thousands of people have tattooed Go One More on their bodies. They look at it every day. It drives them to be better for themselves and those around them. One simple idea encourages incredible strength, courage, and transformation.

Go One More is BPN. Our team creates products that fuel performance to help you find your full potential. If you use our supplements but haven’t applied Go One More to your life, you’re missing out on our greatest product.

Identify the hard right, choose it over the easy wrong, every day. You know you can do it, and now it’s time to prove yourself right. Stop waiting, it’s time to work.

How will you Go One More this year?