Choose Your Hard

Choose Your Hard

Hard things are inescapable. Some challenges we choose, and others are simply factors of life.

There is great value to be gained from choosing the hard right over the easy wrong. It will kick start your personal and professional development, and teach you lessons that you never would have learned otherwise.

A message from Nick:

I’ve chosen many hard things in my life, but credit two specific decisions for getting me to where I’m at today.

First, joining the Military, graduating from the U.S. Army Ranger School, and serving as an Infantry Platoon Leader. The lessons learned from my time in the service has been invaluable to my abilities as a leader for the BPN team.

Second, the choice to start my company, Bare Performance Nutrition. This singular decision, and the commitment of a decade’s worth of work has presented me with great challenges, trying times, and an exposure to my weaknesses - all necessities of growth.

Out of these hardships have come the greatest, most rewarding moments of my life.

Hard Things Are Relative:

What’s hard for you, may not be hard for someone else, and vice versa.

The challenges that Nick has faced in life are relative to his previous experiences and current abilities to overcome them. The same is true for you. Hard things are relative; and therefore, we should avoid comparison between what is hard in our lives, in opposition to what others are facing.

You can choose the path of resistance and what it looks like to welcome hard things into your life.

These hardships don’t have to be extreme. We best embrace and adapt to challenges just beyond our current comfort zone.

In the past decade of his life, Nick has learned that choosing your hard is a process of small steps, taken with consistency, and directed towards a ‘North Star’ vision. This commitment is the only way to force growth over time, as evidence by the growth of BPN as a company and community.

This growth will then scale your capacity to conquer hardship. What used to be hard will now be manageable, what used to be manageable will now be routine, and best of all, what used to be unimaginable will now be your reality.

Hard Things Promote Trajectory:

When you choose hard things, it leads you toward a better life.

Not better in the way of an easier life, but better in the opportunities you create. For Nick, acting on hard things is an investment in his personal, professional, and familial future.

Hardship will ultimately expose our weaknesses. Because of this, we are given a roadmap for our most important growth areas. When you choose hard, life gives direct insights into lessons that need to be learned and experiences that you need to gain.

In these moments, you will experience growing pains. BPN’s first decade of business yielded countless challenges; moments where Nick wasn’t sure if his vision would survive. With each instance, he dug deeper, worked harder, and committed more fully.

Stress is a requirement of growth; and you should view hard things as a sign that you are moving in the right direction.

Struggle always precedes celebration. The successes that BPN has experienced in a decade of business couldn’t have been achieved without hardship. The struggle is that people only see the result, not the full journey. Success looks flawless, when in reality, it was a road full of speed bumps, roadblocks, and traffic jams.

Nick’s willingness to push back against resistance has led to growth in business size, product innovation, and the Go One More community.

Hard Things Are a Choice:

Out of all of this, one thing rings true: You have the power to decide.

Will you embrace hard things in life, or are you going to sit back and wait for a level of growth that will never come? This is an important question to consider because growth and progression are about much more than yourself.

For Nick Bare and BPN, it’s bigger than results and revenue. The goal is to expand the brand’s reach, spread the mission to all who will benefit from it, and create a compounding impact on the world.

The more that you choose hard things, the greater possibility that you possess to positively influence the lives of others. And it all starts with a choice.

Through BPN, Nick has seen first-hand the benefits of choosing hard things. He believes that it will change your life.

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