BPN's Go One More® Home Gym Giveaway!

BPN's Go One More® Home Gym Giveaway!

Beginning December 1st, the Bare Performance Nutrition team is giving away an all-inclusive, Go One More® branded home gym (built by PLAE) to one lucky winner!

We will announce the winner Saturday, December 24th on BPN’s social accounts! All you need to do is register through the link below to be entered to win this one-of-a-kind giveaway. But sign-up soon, the entry window closes December 8th at 11:59 PM (CST)!

This giveaway is for anyone who refuses anything but the best of themselves, every day.

For BPN and the entire Go One More® community, training is about much more than physical growth and performance. We believe that investments made in the gym encourage limitless benefits for your life outside of training! This is your opportunity to begin the new year stronger than ever! Enter to win the highest quality in design, and receive a customized build for your new workout space.

PLAE’s exceptional equipment offers a new training standard, fusing form into function, and providing consumers with high-performance opportunities for everyday life!

Interested in learning more? See the same equipment offered through our giveaway in-use at Nick Bare’s home gym. BPN’s Founder, CEO, and hybrid athlete uses his garage gym, built by PLAE, on a regular basis to support his busy life of family, business, and fitness. Like you, Nick refuses to compromise on his priorities, and with this set-up, you won’t need to.  

*Note that to qualify and win, you must live in the United States and have space available for a gym to be built at your home!

We value time just like everyone else. Having a home gym offers the solution for all the hours spent traveling to and from the gym or wondering when you’re going to fit in the day’s training session. With a gym of this quality at your convenience, you’ll spend more time and energy making progress on the things that matter most in your life.

AND, in true BPN style, we’re prepared to Go One More by giving the winner one-year of free supplements! A free supply of health and performance supplements you can trust, paired with a free home gym!

You can’t miss this giveaway, so if you haven’t already, enter to win now!

Bring your vision to life in a completely new way with a home gym built exclusively for you. Explore the BPN Home Gym Giveaway rules and details below and follow @bpnsupps on Instagram for the announcement of our winner on Saturday, December 24th!


Dates to Enter: December 1st – 8th

Winner Announced: December 24th

Gym built by PLAE and is "Go One More" branded

Winner must live in the United States and have space available for the gym to be built at their home