Our ONE AND ONLY sale of the year is here! You can’t miss the opportunity to stock up on our best products because this year's sale is special. Your chance to shop 20% off SITEWIDE, along with ALL the other big deals, NEW product releases, and LIMITED-EDITION offers, is featured throughout this article!  

The annual BPN Black Friday Sale begins Sunday, November 13th at 9 AM CST and lasts through Wednesday, November 16th at Midnight. Don’t hesitate because our Black Friday deals roll deeper than ever before! Check out all the details below so you're ready to stock up when we go live!

Deal #1: 20% OFF SITEWIDE 

For 4-days only, every product we offer is 20% off! A massive discount on each of our high-quality options. Shop any of the following, and you'll get the cleanest ingredients, best-tasting flavors, and proven formulas.  

Performance – Every training session deserves your best. Perform at a higher level with our line of pre-workout, creatine monohydrate, and protein powders.

Health & Wellness – A healthy life starts with strong health. Build your foundation with greens and reds superfood powders, multi-vitamin, omega fish oil, joint support, and night-time sleep support supplements. 

Endurance – Superior endurance and essential hydration. Go the extra mile with our carbohydrate-based endurance formula and support hydration using a naturally flavored and sweetened electrolytes drink mix. 

Functional Foods – Whole-food ingredients for a fast-paced life. Short on time doesn't have to mean being short on nutrition. Fuel yourself with our high-quality meal replacement powder, and never go hungry with our military-inspired Field Bars. 

Every product we sell is rigorously tested by Informed Sport for over 250+ prohibited substances. You deserve supplements that help you reach your full potential, and you should have peace of mind knowing they are safe and effective.  

See the difference in tested, trusted, and true ingredients 11/13-11/16.  


This year, we will offer 3 great options for 30% off their original price. Get to know these products and why you should jump at this deal! Caution: these options may become a staple in your supplement stack! 

1. In-Focus – A smarter solution for the energy you need daily. In-Focus is a cognitive enhancer for learning, memory, and higher-level thinking. Say ‘goodbye’ to sketchy energy drinks and expensive lattes because this product redefines energy and productivity.  

With clinically studied, effective ingredients, you can’t go wrong with In-Focus!

2. Intra Flight BCAA's – An essential building block for muscle growth and recovery, our branched-chain amino acids (BCAA’s) fuel your most demanding training sessions! We designed Intra Flight to be used during your workout. While enjoying our refreshing flavors, you will benefit from increased performance, muscular endurance, and improved recovery.  

See how much more you have to give in your training with Intra Flight!   

3. Peak Sleep – The support you need for a better night's sleep! Peak Sleep is a high-quality, clinically studied formula that promotes restful sleep, easy relaxation, improved cognition, and positive mood. It's proven that our bodies can't make up for a bad night of sleep, so when every hour counts for optimized performance on the daily, quality matters.  

For tired bodies and busy minds, recovery starts with Peak Sleep.  

Deal #3: NEW FLAVORS  

Strawberry Whey Protein – For years, there was something missing… with classic flavors like Vanilla and Fudge Chocolate, there was only one thing left to do. The trio is now complete as we launch the long-awaited Strawberry Whey Protein Powder! This exceptional blend of 88% whey, 12% casein protein provides the perfect flavor, consistency, and mixability for any way that you choose to enjoy!  

Strawberry is about to become your new favorite of the Neapolitan trio with a flavor as decadent and delicious as Strawberry Whey Protein!

Orange Dreamsicle Peak Sleep – Sweet dreams guaranteed with our newest flavor of Peak Sleep! Feel all the nostalgia when you sip on a cup of Orange Dreamsicle to help you wind-down for the evening. The flavor is so good, you’d never know it’s packed with high-quality, clinically studied ingredients! Time to start sipping on a guilt-free drink that promotes rest and recovery, with all the enjoyment of a night-time treat.  

Start reimagining your evening routine because this will be the new highlight!

Strawberry Electrolytes – It’s never been so easy to support your hydration needs! Now featured in Strawberry, our highly popular Electrolytes Drink Mix is always naturally sweetened, sugar-free, and packed with a full-electrolyte profile.  

Improve performance, reduce fatigue, and avoid dehydration symptoms with one of the most important supplements you can take on the daily, now in a brand-new Strawberry flavor that’s sure to please!


T-Shirts – There’s just something about BPN apparel! Grab three limited-edition t-shirts and set the tone for your day.

BPN Polar Bottle® – Two brand new designs for the ever-popular BPN-branded Polar Bottle®!  

Go One More® Decal A black G1M decal represents all you work for and towards.  

Varsity Logo Decal – Represent Bare Performance Nutrition with a unique logo decal.

Each of these limited-edition items will go fast, so make sure to shop our Black Friday sale early while supplies last!


We only offer one sale each year, so when we do, we go big!  

Whether you need a restock on your favorite products or refuse to miss out on a limited-time item, BPN’s Black Friday sale is your chance to shop! The discounts are greater than ever on products supporting your health, performance, and lifestyle.  

Our mission is to equip people with the tools, resources, and community to Go One More® every day. Want to see how we do it? Shop all that we have to offer on Sunday, November 13th!

WHAT? BPN’s Annual Black Friday Sale  

WHEN? Sunday, November 13th @ 9 AM CST - Wednesday, November 16th @ Midnight

WHERE: bareperformancenutrition.com  

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