This past weekend, BPN was the official nutrition sponsor of the Austin Marathon in the heart of Austin, Texas.

Marathons are special. And no matter how many you have run; each race offers unique challenges and opportunities.

The Go One More® community was spread across the marathon course from mile 1 to 26.2, from runners achieving their goals to friends supporting friends; this finish line was just the beginning. Not even two months into 2023, the BPN team has displayed what it means to Prove Yourself Right.

We gave away thousands of free BPN products and apparel, and believe us when we say, this will not be the last time our tribe's energy is felt at an event like this!

Check out all we did at the Austin Marathon and what you can look forward to at future events.


Despite the freezing cold temperatures, the energy of our community was at an all-time high for a Friday morning shakeout run at Fleet Feet Austin. Hundreds of you started the day early with us, and as a big "thank you" we gave away 500 Prove Yourself Right t-shirts and Go One More endurance hats.

BPN Founder Nick Bare led runners through the streets of Austin for an easy run to prepare for race weekend. Runners shared their excitement and bonded over shared values. Nick stuck around to chat with those in attendance, and the first official event of marathon weekend was a great success.

It was clear that our team was ready to succeed together.

BPN at the Fleet Feet shakeout run.


As a local brand, we were honored to represent our city and share the brand with over 17,000 runners from all over the world.

One of our highlights of the weekend was that each runner received a Peanut Butter Crunch Field Bar with their registration bag. It is always a privilege to represent our city and have our products in the hands of so many dedicated people.

In 2018, when Nick ran his first marathon at this same event, this weekend may have all been a dream, but now we have no plans of looking back. It was a massive win for our team to fuel each athlete. Plus, another 500 Prove Yourself Right shirts were given away, further spreading the powerful message of our 2023 campaign.

We even featured an early release of our upcoming "Go Packs" collection, offering the already great lineup of Strong Greens, Strong Reds, and Electrolytes in a new on-the-go packaging that better supports the lifestyle of our community members.

From handing out 3,000 servings of lemon-lime electrolytes to hearing the stories of so many runners who would toe the start line on race day, our first expo experience was one to remember.

Products on display at the marathon expo.


The start line of any race offers an environment unlike any other - thousands of excited people with nervous energy for what lies ahead.

Team BPN and the Go One More community took over the streets of Austin in style. We had the chance to lead the ceremonial warm-up, where Director of Community Adam Klink and team coached every runner through a warm-up routine. Shirts, hats, and countless Go One More tattoos led the way.

In total, we had more than 600 runners registered on the BPN team! The entire weekend was brought together when moments before the start, the city came alive with an overwhelming chant; the only time we have had 17,000+ people yell "Go One More" together.

A powerful time for us as a brand, and a message that will set the tone for the miles to come.

Key stats from Austin Marathon weekend.

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