Bare Performance Nutrition X Los Angeles, CA Pop-Up Shop

Bare Performance Nutrition X Los Angeles, CA Pop-Up Shop

This past Saturday, January 25, 2020, we had our first ever Bare Performance Nutrition pop-up shop in Venice, CA and it was a huge success! This has been an event that the team had been planning for months and counting down the days since it was first announced. The Bare Performance Nutrition employee's arrived in Los Angeles on Thursday night from Austin, TX to start getting the space prepped and ready for the hundreds of supporters and fans that showed up!

The athletes arrived Friday morning! Evan Childs, Russel Orhii, Ryan Dengler, Nick Koutmalatsos, Chase Chewning, Amanda Lawrence and Austen Alexander flew in from their respective hometowns in preparation for the pop-up shop.

Before we even opened the doors to the public on Saturday at 12:00pm there had been people waiting for hours! Some had drove in from out of town, some flew in from other states and some actually ran miles to the event. This event meant so much to the entire team! It was an opportunity for the athletes to meet the people who support their content, stories, businesses and social media work. Some people shared stories of amazing weight loss transformations, others talked about their journey of joining the military and starting a life changing career. We want to thank you all for making the trip, spending your Saturday with the Bare Performance Nutrition team and believing in our vision!

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