What is the most powerful factor in your health, performance, and overall happiness? Time and time again, the answer remains the same: SLEEP. The benefits of committing to a great sleep practice are seemingly endless, and although this is a well-known fact, most of the population fails to capitalize on its advantages.

The solution can be simple, so long as you’re willing to prioritize a consistent routine of restfulness and relaxation. And with the help of Peak Sleep, a trusted and true formula, that routine just got a whole lot easier (and tastier)!

Let’s look at the 3 difference-making perks of BPN’s night-time sleep support supplement, as well as the ingredients that make it so dreamy.


When stress is high, the days just seem to get shorter and shorter. Before you know it, you should’ve been asleep hours ago, and you dread the sound of your morning alarm. Making a point to relax better will help you to fall asleep faster and recover more effectively. Peak Sleep offers a comprehensive formula for this purpose, so that you can separate one day from the next with recovery that works as hard as you do.

A core ingredient of any sleep-support supplement is magnesium, and with Peak Sleep, we’ve sourced the superior form of magnesium bisglycinate, providing the body with the increased absorption benefits of stress reduction, as well as reduced soreness and fatigue.

We’ve also sourced a powerful ingredient in Levagen+®, a more bioavailable form of the naturally occurring endogenous fatty acid amide PEA, which is produced in the body in response to injury and stress. This ingredient activates a calming effect, while also increasing deep sleep possibilities. Levagen+® is shown to reduce anxiety and promote restful sleep through indirect activation of calm-inducing receptors, further allowing for an increase of restful REM sleep.

Another featured ingredient of Peak Sleep is 5-HTP. This naturally occurring amino acid is proven to increase the synthesis of seratonin in the central nervous system, leading to higher-quality sleep, better mood, and appetite regulation.  

Peak Sleep was created to allow for a more relaxed body and mind, ensuring that you are primed and ready for the next day!


A night-time sleep support supplement that promotes better athletic performance? You heard right! At BPN, we pride ourselves on our commitment of bridging the gap between health and performance - and through Peak Sleep’s highly effective ingredient profile, we make good on that commitment!

Peak Sleep’s catalyst for performance benefit comes through a powerful combination of six clinically studied mushroom strains, known as PeakO2® by Compound Solutions. This key ingredient enhances our ability to uptake oxygen, supports ATP production, and promotes increased time to fatigue. Each of these studied benefits promotes improved levels of power output and exercise capacity.

Additionally, Levagen+® gives Peak Sleep the added benefit of promoting resistance to fatigue by reducing levels of myoglobin, a key marker of muscle damage.

Each of these tested and trusted ingredients allows Peak Sleep to be much more than simply a sleep-support supplement, they push the standard by promoting performance benefits for all who wish to wake-up feeling stronger the next day!


Quality sleep is one of the greatest predictors of our ability to remain mentally sharp, aware, and positive amidst the ups and downs of our daily lives.

The carefully selected ingredients that make up Peak Sleep’s formula will promote the rest and rejuvenation necessary for higher-level cognition. Key ingredients like a superior form of magnesium, mushroom strains in the form of PeakO2®, serotonin stimulators and stress reducers from 5-HTP and Levagen+®, all achieve the goal of providing you with a unique blend of ingredients that enhance sleep and therefore, life.

It’s proven that our bodies can’t make up for bad sleep. So, when every night counts for optimized mental and physical performance, quality matters. With Peak Sleep, you can not only benefit from improved sleep quality, but also maximize the ever-important waking hours that follow.

With all these benefits, you may wonder what to expect of Peak Sleep’s flavor quality. After all, no one looks forward to a mushroom flavored night-cap! And while some sleep support supplements on the market may leave you with a less than desirable taste in your mouth, we’ve crafted ours a bit differently. We offer superior flavor profiles, without all the sugar that you don’t need. A delicious addition to your night!


Now that you know all about the powerful benefits of BPN’s night-time sleep support, you can begin to implement it into your evening routine!

Great supplements will never overshadow bad habits, so with a product like Peak Sleep, it’s important that you not only follow the steps below to benefit from an outstanding ingredient profile, but also prioritize the actions necessary in ensuring great rest and recovery.

Peak Sleep is non-habit forming, meaning that you don’t need it for quality sleep, it’s non-addictive and won’t detract from your sleep on the nights that you don’t take it! However, it tastes great, and will quickly replace the not so occasional late-night sweet tooth that wishes to derail your good sleep intentions.

With that being said, let’s look at the simple steps towards making Peak Sleep a staple in your nightly routine:

  1. Choose from our delicious Chocolate or Apple Cinnamon flavor options
  2. Add one scoop of Peak Sleep to 8-10 oz of hot OR cold water and mix
  3. Drink about 30-45 minutes before bedtime

Quality ingredients are essential, but that’s only the beginning. Sipping on a delicious cup of Peak Sleep as you wind down your evening is a relaxing and calming experience, and one that you won’t want to miss out on any longer!


Like all BPN supplements, Peak Sleep is third-party tested for banned substances – certified by Informed Sport.

Every batch of our products are rigorously tested for over 250 substances that are listed under the prohibited lists of organizations such as WADA, NFL, MLB, NBA, MLS, PGA, LPGA, WTA, NCAA, and USADA.

We take the necessary steps to ensure that when you choose BPN, the products you consume are true to what you want and need. Finally, you can rest easy knowing that the supplement company that you choose has your best interest in-mind.