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Our Story

Our Story

Bare Performance Nutrition's mission is to educate, inspire and improve the performance of the modern day athlete, adventurer and warrior, through integrity, transparency and service.⁣ As a brand, as a team and as each individual who represents @bpnsupps, we live by our mission statement as our responsibility to you.⁣ It is our goal to provide you the resources, services and products to educate, inspire and improve.

GO One More

Our Story

Nick Bare, Army veteran, and fitness enthusiast, founded Bare Performance Nutrition in 2012 out of a small Western Pennsylvania college apartment, while studying Nutrition. In May of 2013, after graduating from college, he joined the United States Army as an Infantry Officer and was stationed at Fort Hood, TX.

Although the market was saturated at the time, Nick Bare’s fitness supplements stood out because they were designed with label transparency, integrity and formulated to improve the health, wellness and performance of the consumer.

Nick continued to build the company while serving on Active Duty as an Infantry Platoon Leader, earning his Ranger Tab and stationed overseas. Today, Bare Performance Nutrition and our line of premium supplements and gear continues to expand from our headquarters, located in Round Rock, Texas.⁣

About Me

Nick Bare Founder & CEO

Nick Bare, Founder & CEO of Bare Performance Nutrition, graduated from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania in 2013 with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Nutrition. After graduating and commissioning in to the US Army as an Infantry Officer he spent time leading an Infantry Platoon and documenting his life on social media outlets. Nick has built a large online following by instilling disclipilne through the GO ONE MORE and EMBRACE THE SUCK mindset.

The Bare Performance Nutrition team is dedicated to helping others reach their fitness goals. The intent through our business model is to be a resource for others to learn from and use in order to accomplish those goals. Whether you are trying to hit a personal record in the gym, run your first marathon, be a healthier parent or optimize the way you feel and perform everyday - we are committed to helping you get there.

Nick has taken a lot of the lessons and values he learned during his time in the military and implemented them through the Bare Performance Nutrition team, the operations, the customer service and the products that represent our company. You can find out more about what drives Nick Bare every single day through his active YouTube channel and The Bare Performance Podcast.