• Never have an issue with products and it’s always here quick! This last time I did not receive the multi vitamins I had ordered (which was a 1st) but after a quick email to customer support, they took care of immediately. Best product there is, in my opinion!

    Kristen Steinbock
  • I had an issue with shipping and the customer service team was quick to assist and get my order replaced! Great customer service.

    Kelly Dunlap
  • The BPN customer service team has been very responsive, and although, unfortunately, they were unable to assist with my request, I am very appreciative of their sincerity and promptness. I have dealt with other customer service teams in the past, and because of those experiences, I was surprised to receive such quick and personal responses from the BPN team. I was even given the option to schedule a 1 on 1 zoom call with their customer success manager to further discuss my concerns. Overall I have so far been pleased with my experience.

  • I am so happy with the customer service at Bare. I had an issue with a hoodie and Kelsey was quick to respond and send out a new one. Thank you guys so much! I will continue to bring you my business and share with others about your products and great customer service!

    Amber Topley
  • Kelsey was quick and super helpful with her assistance! This is just another reason why BPN is the best.


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