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Strawberry Superfood Pudding

Posted on August 12 2017

Some us may not be the best at hitting out micros. Vitamins and minerals play a huge part not only in how we feel and our overall health, but can help fill you up since most foods that are nutrient dense are low in calories for amount you can consume. Think salads, vegetables, berries, and foods along those lines. The volume and the fiber can fill you up for hours. 

If you are looking for an easier way to hit your fiber requirements and get healthy fats in, we whipped up something a little bit different. 

Chia seeds are extremely high in antioxidants, calcium, magnesium, potassium, dietary fiber, and omega 3 fats. 

If you do not own chia seeds, Costco is a great place to buy them in a bulk for one of the cheapest prices. 

Let's get started. For some the texture, may be different, but flavor will be on point!

I recommend making this recipe the night before consuming!

Here's What You'll Need:

  • 2 Scoops of BPN Strawberry Shortcake Whey Protein
  • 3 Tablespoons of Chia Seeds
  • 3/4 cup - 1 cup of Unsweetened Almond Milk 
  • 1 serving (32g) of Almond Butter or Peanut Butter 
  • 3g of Stevia for flavor 


  1. Add almond milk, strawberry whey protein, nut butter and stevia to a blender, and blend on high till it is smooth
  2. If you want to divide your picture into jars, feel free for portion control. 
  3. You will then add in your chia, either splitting the amounts between portions or adding all 3 tbsp. into the big mixture. 
  4. Place the pudding in a jar and shake it around to ensure that the chia does not fall into the bottom. 
  5. Refrigerate over night and top with fruit! 

Macros for entire batch: 655 calories; 30g of carbs, 32g of fat, 65g of protein with 18g of protein

Macros if split into 2 servings: 327.5 calories; 15g of carbs, 15g of fat, 32.5g of protein