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Why You’re Not Getting Stronger!

Posted on August 17 2017

Strength is a skill to be learned over time through repetition and analysis of your progress. If you are not making strength gains, then there may be a reason that you are unaware of. Below are 5 reasons why you may not be getting stronger.

1. Strength Isn’t Your Priority

It is hard to progress at something if you don’t work on that specific task. Strength is a skill set that is built from repetition, repetition, repetition. Learning, understanding, and mastering the movements will enable you to get stronger. Going to the gym every so often and going for a 1-rep max on deadlifts will not help increase your deadlifts over time. Utilizing proper programming, increasing volume and working on a wide range of rep/set ranges will help build your strength.

2. You Are Disregarding Volume

Volume is key! Your goal should be to get stronger over time… but how? It isn’t always about going for a new 1-rep max and using that to judge your increase in strength. Add more volume regularly — weekly, monthly, yearly. Set short term goals with lighter loads. If you can do 315 lbs. on the deadlift for 3 reps right now, make it a goal to do it for 5 reps in 2 months. Add in more reps, more sets, and more volume over time.

3. You Aren’t Adding in Accessory Movements

Accessory movements can make a huge difference in the helping you get stronger. These movements help build the weaknesses in your body that will ultimately help you bench, squat or deadlift more. One of my favorite accessory movements for deadlifts is hyperextensions. It assists you in building a stronger lower back!

4. You’re Form is Incorrect

You will never make safe progress without mastering your form first. This is something that will be forever evolving and working as well. Constantly try to make improvements to your form that make the lift as effective as possible without extra movements or unnecessary steps.

5. Lack of Recovery

Working out every day is cool… but sometimes you need to realize that active recovery can also be cool! Allow your body to reset and readjust for upcoming training sessions by taking time away from the heavy lifting. Try incorporating some active recovery methods such as mobility training and stretching.

Improve Your Overall Performance

If you’re putting in the time but you feel like you’re just not getting stronger, consider implementing these tips into your workout and see what a difference they can make. Don’t forget to incorporate quality workout supplements, including our Flight pre-workout, our In Focus cognitive enhancer, and great-tasting Whey Proteins. Start getting stronger today!