What's the Difference Between Embrace the Suck & Flight?

What's the Difference Between Embrace the Suck & Flight?

Ever wonder what BPN pre-workout is the best fit for you and your training goals?Here at Bare Performance Nutrition, we offer two different pre-workouts, Flight and Embrace the Suck. So, what's the difference? And which one should you choose?



Flight is a more traditionally formulated pre workout.  It has 3.2 grams of Beta Alanine per serving which leaves you with that skin tingling and itchy feeling (that many per workout users enjoy!).⁣

Flight was designed to increase energy and focus, improve your endurance and maximize your pump. It is a hard hitting pre workout that comes in two flavors, Blue Raspberry & Green Apple. Flight over 1,000 5-star review and is a fan favorite!⁣



Embrace The Suck DOES NOT contain Beta Alanine so you will not experience that skin tingling and itchy feeling.  Embrace The Suck was formulated to provide the user with a different pre workout experience. This product contains more stimulants and nootropics. We used three specific ingredients to make this experience different: Caffeine, Dynamine® and TeaCrine® (trademarked ingredients by Compound Solutions). The combination of these three ingredients will provide a big burst of energy up front but also a very sustained and slow release after a workout. This combination of ingredients is known as the ENERGY, MOOD & MOTIVATION matrix. Embrace the Suck is available in two flavors - Sour Gummy Candy and Cherry Limeade!


The good news is, whatever pre-workout you choose, it's the best choice! Shop Flight or Embrace the Suck today to take your training to the next level!