Top Pre Workout Powder: Why Discerning Athletes Choose BPN's Flight

Workout Powder

If you’re ready to take your workout sessions to the next level, it’s time to incorporate a pre workout supplement into your regimen. Using pre workout powder before you exercise provides a multitude of incredible benefits, helping you to achieve and surpass your fitness goals.

BPN’s Flight pre-workout powder has ignited a great deal of excitement in the fitness community, and it’s widely known as the top pre workout supplement on the market. Read on to discover why Flight is such an exciting supplement and how taking Flight can help you to reach new heights in your training.

What Are Pre Workout Supplements?

As the name implies, a pre workout powder is a supplement that you take before you start training. They’re generally composed of a variety of key ingredients that help you to maximize your time at the gym. Our formula has been proven to be exceptionally effective, giving today’s athletes the top pre workout supplement they’ve been seeking for so long.

Boosted Energy

It’s no secret that finding motivation to hit the gym can be a major struggle, even for hardcore fitness enthusiasts. Flight contains caffeine, giving you the stimulation you need to get out there and get started, while also improving your endurance. High energy levels naturally leads to more effective training, and Flight provides that extra kick that gets you up and ready for anything.

Improved Focus

Exercising is just as much a mental activity as a physical one. Flight is known as a top pre workout supplement because it contains tyrosine and huperzine, which both help you to stay alert and maintain concentration and focus on the task at hand.

Improved Focus

Maintaining focus naturally leads to better short and long-term gains, while also allowing you to maximize your time in the gym; you’ll be less likely to waste time, procrastinating, and succumbing to distractions. If you find your mind wandering and have trouble staying fixated on one exercise at a time, a pre workout powder can help you to stay in the zone.

Faster Recovery

Fortifying your body before you exercise is a great way to prevent soreness and fatigue after you’re done. The best way to increase gains fast is to train until you simply can’t train anymore. However, that also often leads to post-workout pain, which can stop you from training again the next day. Keep your workout schedule consistent by recovering faster with the top pre workout supplement out there.

Increased Pump

Achieving a solid muscle pump signifies that you’re doing something right. Flight contains agmatine, which is derived from l-arginine, an amino acid that is released by your body in response to inflammation and stress. Agmatine helps to increase nutrient delivery, blood flow, and neurotransmitter activity, while also helping to remove metabolic waste.

Increased Pump

Additionally, Flight also contains norvaline, which inhibits the arginase enzyme. The arginase enzyme limits the amount of nitric oxide the body is capable of producing, so the norvaline actually allows your body to produce more nitric oxide, which help to improve your pump. Using synergistic ingredients is just one of the many reasons why Flight is known as the top pre workout supplement.

Weight Loss

Many of the ingredients in pre workout powder kickstart your metabolism into high gear, resulting in faster weight loss. Additionally, stimulants such as caffeine naturally suppress your appetite, which can help you to eat less and slim down naturally. While weight loss isn’t the primary use for pre workout supplements, it’s an added bonus that many fitness enthusiasts appreciate.

Longer Endurance

If you want to extend the length of your training sessions, a pre workout powder is your new best friend. For many athletes, Flight is their top pre workout supplement because it helps them to keep pushing when they would normally be fatigued. Flight contains beta alanine, which soaks up hydrogen ions and helps your body maintain a stable muscle pH, allowing your body to maintain forceful contractions for longer.

Flight also contains betaine, which acts as a methyl group donor to help reduce homocysteine levels and convert it into methionine. To put it simply, studies suggest that betaine improves power production and muscle strength. Betaine also boosts your SAM-e levels, which helps to improve your mood and cognitive functions.

How to Take Flight

If you’re ready to blast off with the top pre workout supplement, it’s important that you do it right. After all, taking the right amount of supplements at the right time is essential if you want to maximize your results.

To take Flight, mix one scoop of the powder into 8-10 ounces of water, and drink it 20-30 minutes before your training session begins. For your first time, we recommend taking half a scoop so you can see how it affects you, and then you can up your dosage from there.

Shop Pre Workout Powder at BPN Today

Pre Workout Powder Here at Bare Performance Nutrition, we only use the highest quality ingredients. We always source all of our vitamins, minerals, aminos, and compounds from trusted, reputable suppliers and manufacturers. We’re also committed to label transparency, so you always know exactly what you’re putting into your body.

We want all of our supplements to be effective, but also enjoyable to drink. Our Flight supplement is available in four mouthwatering flavors: orange, blue raspberry, pina colada, and strawberry margarita.

If you’re ready to experience the incredible power of the top pre workout on the market today, give Flight a shot. We’re confident you’re going to be amazed by the results. If you have any questions about any of our products, please give us a call at (512) 394-7995, or feel free to email us at Ignite your training sessions with this incredible pre workout powder today.