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Stay In-Focus

Posted on October 24 2017

In-Focus is one of BPN’s newer product releases. It comes in two flavors— mango and raspberry lemonade. This product is a team favorite around the office. Every morning after each one of us gets to the office, we fill up a shaker with some water, and drink our In-Focus. Before the product was developed, if we had a busy day ahead, we would stock up on energy drinks and coffees to get us through the day. Coffee will always have a place in our hearts, but we were getting tired of spending $3-$4 for a jolt that would last us for two hours, then make us crash harder than ever. We decided to make a product that would be more effective than an energy drink, and cheaper per serving too. Before the production of In-Focus we received the samples and immediately fell in love with this product. The taste, the focus, and the concentrated energy was unlike anything we had experienced from an energy drink before. 

Now BPN offers in focus for .69 cents per serving on its website, with 50 servings per container. What consumers seem to be most surprised by is In-Focus’ cognitive enhancing capabilities. Although it is marketed as mainly a nootropic, consumers are still blown away by the surge in creativity, tunnel-vision focus, and steady concentrated energy that they get from it. In-Focus is also marketed as a thermogenic, or a supplement to aid you in fat loss. The profound cognitive effect it has almost overshadows its ability to suppress appetite and keep you feeling satisfied for longer. This is a product that the supplement industry has been missing for years. The market is saturated with BCAA’s, pump, pre workout, post-workout, but in order to find an effective, affordable cognitive enhancer, you had to branch out into brands that are part of a completely different industry. As per usual, let’s go over the product a bit more, and explain a bit more about why we chose this all-star ingredient profile.

L-Tyrosine (500mg) - L-Tyrosine is an amino acid that is utilized in the process of producing noradrenaline and dopamine. The body metabolizes tyrosine and produces these neurotransmitters that are responsible for alertness, focus, and increased overall energy output. Despite how it sounds, the process of actually producing these powerful neurotransmitters is more complicated than simply ingesting tyrosine. The beauty of this supplement is that during stressful states such as exercise, consuming tyrosine has been shown to prolong the life and effectiveness of these neurotransmitters. This helps In-Focus last longer than your typical pick me up energy drink, and also stay effective. 

Green Coffee Extract (250mg) - Green coffee extract uses coffee beans that haven’t been roasted yet, and extract a compound from it called chlorogenic acid. Green coffee beans have blown up in the past couple of years due to new research coming out on chlorogenic acid. This compound does seem to affect the way your body handles blood sugar, but its main effect seems to be more of an appetite suppressant than anything. Similar to any caffeinated drink, appetite suppression is normal, but instead of ingesting a laundry list of chemicals and compounds, scientists have narrowed down the powerful appetite suppressants to a couple of ingredients. Including this in In-Focus has help to make it an extremely versatile product. It doubles as a cognitive enhancer as well as an aid to weight loss. This product is extremely helpful for people dieting or someone who needs help with their morning fasts. 

Caffeine Anhydrous (300mg) - Caffeine is such a common and well understood compound that it is rare to find someone who doesn’t take it in some sort of way. Caffeine is a central nervous system stimulant. It suppresses adenosine, a compound in the body that produces a natural calming effect. In a study by the International Society of Sports Nutrition, they state that caffeine is proven to benefit extended, exhaustive exercise as well as high intensity sports and exercise. Anhydrous caffeine simply means caffeine without water, or in powdered form. Caffeine has also been shown to enhance the effects of other natural stimulants such as adrenaline and dopamine. The enhanced dopamine combined with the caffeine produces a sense of overall well being. The effects of caffeine last an average of 3-4 hours, peaking at about an hour after ingestion. 

Mucuna Pruriens (98% L-Dopa) (125mg) - Mucuna Pruriens is the scientific name for the legume velvet bean. It is found to contain extremely high levels of the compound levodopa (l-dopa). L-dopa is a direct precursor to dopamine. Ingestion of l-dopa is found to directly increase dopamine. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that controls the brains reward and pleasure centers.  It controls emotional responses and drives people to seek pleasure producing activities. Dopamine, similar to serotonin, is referred to as the feel-good neurotransmitter. The l-dopa is responsible for the overall feeling of well-being that In-Focus produces. It puts consumers in a pleasant mind set and gives them an overall positive outlook. 

Coleus Forskolin Extract 20% (125mg) - Forskolin is a chemical found in the roots of the Coleus Forskohli plant. This plant has been used for medicinal properties for thousands of years. Ancient medical practitioners would use it to treat asthma and heart related problems. Today it is most commonly used to treat hypertension. Forskolin also increases intra-cellular levels of cyclic adenosine monophospate(cAMP). Elevated levels of cAMP are shown to increase fat loss rate and work with other processes in the body to aid in fat loss. 

Synephrine HCL (25mg) - Synephrine is a naturally found alkaloid that is present in the peels of some citrus fruits. Synephrine is similar molecularly to the powerful compound ephedrine, but less potent. Synephrine is found to have an effect on the body’s overall Basal Metabolic Rate, meaning it increases caloric expenditure significantly. The process of losing weight has been known for years. You must expend more energy than you consume. Synephrine increases your overall daily expenditure helping you top the scales in your favor. Synephrine is shown to increase the effect that caffeine has on your body as well. These ingredients pair extremely well and compliment each other when taken together. They work in complete synergism, amplifying each other’s effects and putting your body in a state of increased caloric expenditure. 

When formulating In-Focus, we wanted to include both synephrine and caffeine in order to compound their effects. At the same time, we wanted to keep the caffeine at an appropriate, yet effective level, similar to what you would get from a good quality cup or two of coffee. The ingredients in this product produce a surge in dopamine that gives you a pleasant, razor sharp focused feeling throughout the morning and into the afternoon. For people dieting, this product makes life easier. The safe appetite suppressants help to keep hunger at bay for people trying to stay in a caloric deficit. In Focus also has an extremely low price per serving— another reason why this is a go-to product most mornings for us. 

Nootropics have been around for a bit, but they seem to have come into relevance even more so these last 5 years. People are trying to get an advantage either in the workplace, gym, or at school, and they are taking cognitive enhancers to do so. They want to be functioning at a higher level than they normally would be. In-Focus helps you get to that next level of cognitive performance, and keeps you there.