Recovery: Is It Important And How To Do It Right

Recovery: Is It Important And How To Do It Right

Whether you’re a marathoner, powerlifter, or weekend warrior who may run a 5k here and there, the importance that recovery plays in your workout routine cannot be overstated. Although most people make sure they warm up before they exercise, the amount of people that take the proper steps for their body to recover post-workout is far lower.

It’s understandable why so many people neglect proper recovery. When you’re exercising (whether it’s aerobic, anaerobic, or a combination of both), you’re pushing your body to its limit. When you’re done, many times you’re just glad that you survived and that it’s over! We’ve all been there. You stretch out on the bench or sit down on the ground and just try to catch your breath. There’s no thought about recovery methodology or the recovery supplements that you should be taking. You’re just trying to let your body rest while you bask in the glory of what you accomplished.

The problem with this is that you’re wasting potential gains in the future by not utilizing proper workout recovery methods and recovery supplements in the present. Not only that, but you could be wasting some of the excellent progress you just achieved minutes ago by not following up with proper recovery technique.

At Bare Performance Nutrition, we’re an industry leader in the recovery supplement market. We get questions on a regular basis about how to recover after a workout, so let us help you answer some of your concerns!

Why Do I Need Workout Recovery?

When it comes to warming up before a workout, most people immediately see the benefit. By stretching your muscles, you’ll be more limber. This will reduce the possibility of sprains and strains, and ultimately give you a better overall WOD.

However, it’s tempting to skip the recovery phase of your workout. This ultimately is a big mistake. Your body needs for you to take time for recovery for several important reasons:

  • Your body needs to cool down. After a strong run, the worst thing you can do is just stop running. Your body needs time to transition from exercise to rest. Once you complete your run, take a few minutes for a leisurely jog. The principle is the same for anaerobic exercise as well, so when you’re done with your heaviest lifting, don’t just walk out of the gym! It may feel good to stride out the door right after you’re done and skip your workout recovery but it’s a big mistake.
  • Your body needs replenishment. After exercise, your body is in need of hydration, glycogen, and electrolytes (just to name a few!). For your body to absorb and utilize these needed components, you need to act quickly with a recovery supplement. If you wait over an hour, you’ve missed your window of recovery, meaning that you will not be able to maximize the gains you could have had from your workout.
  • Your muscles need time to repair themselves. The process of exercise breaks down your muscles. This is by design so that they can rebuild themselves stronger than they were before. To do this, you’ll need to allow your body some days for rest. Although working out each day may seem like a surefire way to get results, it can actually set you back. Rest days aid long-term recovery. If you insist on working out daily, make sure that you work out different muscle groups each day so muscles have time to rebuild.

  • Overall, remember this: when you neglect proper workout recovery, you’re not saving time, you’re losing it!

    Glass Pitcher of Water Sits Next to Dumbbell

    What Are Some Common Workout Recovery Techniques?

    Sure, you can see why recovery is so important, but how can you make sure that you make the most of your limited window for recovery? There are several things you should be doing:

    • Make sure you hydrate immediately. You’ve been working hard for a while now, and your body has lost important hydration through sweat. How much have you lost exactly? Although there are many factors that determine the precise amount of sweat the skin secretes, the average amount of sweat the body produces during one hour of exercise is about one liter. That’s a lot of essential hydration lost! Imagine that your body has lost the equivalent of half a two-liter bottle of soda. That mental image should help you understand how badly your body needs that fluid to be replaced through a recovery supplement...and quickly.
    • Consider taking an ice bath. Although this may sound extreme, your muscles will thank you later. This is because the cold water of the ice bath will cause blood to temporarily retreat from the muscles, providing relief to your weary body. Once you get out of the tub and your core begins to warm again, blood returns to the muscles and overall recovery is actually improved. Pro-athletes have been using ice baths for years, and you can reap the same benefits at your gym or at home. Although taking ice baths may not feel great at first, you’ll come to appreciate their amazing powers of recovery.
    • Eat well. Although your body needs hydration immediately after exercise, you’ll need to take in some nutrients within 30 minutes to an hour after you begin your cool down period. Lean proteins are a great choice for post-workout snacks. Yogurt, peanut butter, hummus, or cheese can be fantastic choices for something to munch on after exercise.
    • Utilize a quality recovery supplement. Eating well is important, but let’s face it, it’s not always easy. That’s particularly true after a workout. It’s usually not convenient to throw some yogurt or hummus into your gym bag, especially if it’s going to sit in there all day. As soon as you’re done working out, you want something quick, simple, and delicious to aid you in your recovery. That’s where recovery supplements come in.

    What Can Recovery Supplements Do For Me?

    No doubt, you’ve heard of recovery supplements, but maybe you’ve been standoffish about them. Some people equate nutritional workout supplements with “meatheads” at the gym or with bunk science. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Quality recovery supplements, when they come from a trusted source, are an amazing resource for athletes who want to go to the next level in their training.

    To ensure that your body has enough protein and amino acids to aid in muscle building, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to eat enough food to meet that need. On top of this, who wants to eat a big meal just 30 minutes or so after working out? A good recovery supplement will give you all the protein you need so that your muscles can immediately begin the important job of repair and growth. The right protein supplement post-workout can ensure that you’re maximizing your gains from each workout.

    Why Should I Use BPN Recovery Supplements?    

    Can nutritional supplements be good for the athlete? Absolutely! Are all nutritional supplements created equal? Absolutely not!

    When Nick Bare founded Bare Performance Nutrition, he was concerned with the same problems many others were concerned about with workout supplements. He recognized that most of the supplements that you could find on the shelves of local nutritional stores were filled with little-known ingredients, mysterious proprietary blends, and unnecessary fillers. He knew he could create something better, which is why he created the Intra Flight recovery supplement.

    Intra Flight Watermelon BPN Fitness Supplement

    Intra Flight is specifically designed to help you see gains in three key areas:

    • Recovery: You’ll feel the difference immediately as you quickly nourish your body post-workout.
    • Endurance: Long-term, you’ll be able to exercise harder and for longer periods of time.
    • Pump: Hit the weights with more power by nourishing your muscles right after each workout.

    In choosing the ingredients for Intra Flight, Nick Bare had several priorities. Above all, he wanted to ensure that there would never be any banned substances in his supplements. Next, each ingredient label had to be easy to read and understand. He firmly believed (and still does!) that you should be able to know each ingredient you’re putting in your body. He also wanted each ingredient in his recovery supplement to be helpful to your body, meaning he wouldn’t use any unnecessary filler to bulk up a lackluster powder like many other companies often do. Most of all, he wanted to make sure his recovery supplement tasted great. Intra Flight comes in popular lemonade and watermelon flavors, ensuring that you’ll love the taste from your very first sip.

    Choose BPN For Your Supplement Needs

    Your post-workout nutrition is far too important to trust to just any recovery supplement. That’s why choosing BPN’s Intra Flight is the best choice. However, we don’t want you to take our word for it. We don’t just believe in transparency in our ingredient labels, we also believe in it when it comes to our customer reviews. You can find real, unfiltered reviews right on each product page so you can see what your fellow athletes think about our products.

    Still have questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us today so we can help you get the results you’ve been looking for.