Our Natural Weight Loss Supplement, Bare Burn: Your Questions Answered

BPN’s Bare burn supplement bottle

Today, we’re answering questions about our newest supplement at Bare Performance Nutrition: Bare Burn. We have questions about natural fat burners filling our inbox every week, so we wanted to summarize some of the questions we hear the most and give you the answers you need to choose the best natural weight loss supplement for you! Transparent answers for products with transparent labels -- that’s what we’re about here at BPN.

Let’s get started!

Question: Why do I need to use natural weight loss supplements? I already eat well and exercise.

Answer: It’s good that you’re maintaining a healthy diet! That’s the first step to losing weight over a long period of time. Of course, exercise is key as well as it goes beyond just weight loss and affects the overall health of your entire body. However, many people have found that their body needs an extra boost to aid in losing weight. They’re discouraged because they’re eating well and exercising as often as possible, but they’re still not seeing the results they want. That’s where Bare Burn comes in. Our natural fat burner is not a cure-all solution: It’s truly a supplement to the good choices you’re already trying to make, and a push in the right direction when you’re struggling to lose those few extra pounds.

Q: Aren’t natural weight loss supplements just caffeine pills?

A: Most are, yes, but not Bare Burn. Our weight loss supplement contains natural caffeine extracted from green coffee beans, but there’s so much more to it than that. Bare Burn also contains several natural fat burners such as Capsimax™ from hot peppers and the amino acid L-Theanine. Combined, they make a potent fat burner that is safe and effective.

Q: Why shouldn’t I just buy a weight loss supplement from my local health food store?

A: If you’re not sure about the difference between Bare Burn from BPN and the supplements you find locally, check the labels. At BPN, we believe in complete transparency. We don’t use banned substances or mystery ingredients. Our labels are simple and easy to read meaning you know exactly what you put into your body, every time. Read the labels at your local vitamin or health food store. It’ll be easy to see the difference.

Q: How often should I take Bare Burn? I’m afraid it will be habit-forming.

A: Many weight loss supplements are habit-forming because of the large amounts of caffeine they use. Bare Burn is different because our natural weight loss supplement has been specifically formulated to be non-habit-forming and safe. Take a capsule in the morning with your breakfast or whey protein shake. 5-6 hours later, take an additional capsule. Over time, you can increase your morning intake to two capsules a day once you’ve established tolerance.

Q: Where can I find Bare Burn?

A: The best place to buy our natural weight loss supplements is right here on our website. You’ll see a complete ingredient list as well as reviews from customers just like you looking for natural fat burners. We even offer free shipping for orders over $99! Buy a bottle, and you’ll quickly experience the Bare Performance Nutrition difference.