Nick Bare's Daily Supplement Regimen

Nick Bare's Daily Supplement Regimen

Ever wonder what supplements BPN Owner, Nick Bare takes on a daily basis? Here's a look at his supplement regimen from the time he wakes up, until he goes to sleep!

Nick started Bare Performance Nutrition while he was in college pursuing a degree in Nutrition. During that time he found sports nutrition and health/wellness supplements to be very beneficial in combination with his training and diet. Bare Performance Nutrition was built with the mission to improve the modern day athlete's performance, recovery and experience with fitness.

"Every BPN product tells a story and behind that story has a purpose. For example: Strong Greens™ was formulated and produced to act as a nutrient powerhouse to void the gap we fall short of in our daily diet." - Nick Bare


5:30am - Wake Up
1 serving of Strong Greens 
ENERGY: 2 capsules of Bare Burn or 2 scoops of In-Focus
PROTEIN: 2 scoops of BPN Whey Protein in a shake or sludge

*I start my mornings with 1 scoop of Strong Greens and either 2 capsules of Bare Burn or 2 scoops of In-Focus to get started. Strong Greens is a greens/superfood supplement that is packed with vitamins and minerals. It improves my natural energy, aids in digestion and boosts my immune system. I like stacking it with Bare Burn or In-Focus for added caffeine and nootropics. I prefer to get a lot of work done in the morning and this stack helps me get the day started on the right foot.  About an hour after my Strong Greens + Caffeine stack I usually start my day off with a protein shake.

5pm - Pre-workout
PRE-WORKOUT: 1 scoop of Flight or Embrace the Suck
PUMP: 1 scoop of Endo Pump

*On days when I'm incorporating resistance training - pre workout + Endo Pump is A MUST! I love the experience I get from Flight or Embrace The Suck (pre workout supplements). The energy rushes through my body about 30 minutes prior to training and Endo Pump provides some nasty arm splitting pumps during intense training sessions. 

5:30pm - Workout
1 scoop of Intra Flight
- 1 scoop of Creatine

*One of my favorite supplements we have created is Intra Flight! It is more than just a BCAA supplement. It is packed with ingredients to improve your endurance, recovery and hydration while sustaining that intra workout energy and pump. I can tell a massive difference during workouts when I take Intra Flight and when I don't. Creatine is a supplement that is a NO BRAINER! I take it every single day and I find that it is most convenient to throw 5 grams in with my aminos.  It doesn't necessarily matter when you take creatine, just as long as you take 5 grams every single day.

7pm - Post Workout
2 scoops of BPN Whey Protein in a shake

*I usually consume 4 scoops of protein every day which accounts for two of my meals. This allows me to hit my daily protein goals and is very convenient! I will typically mix up a shake with two scoops of protein before heading home for a larger meal that night.