How to Workout in the Morning: 5 Tips to Get In That Early Morning Workout

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Recent studies show that working out first thing in the morning has benefits that go beyond simply getting your lift in. In addition to the normal benefits you get from your workout, an early morning workout can help kickstart your metabolism, boost your energy and mood, and provide a positive mindset that carries you through the rest of your day.

There are several ways to properly motivate yourself to get in that early morning workout. Check out these five tips on how to workout in the morning and be sure to stock up on quality performance supplements, like our Flight pre-workout and In Focus energy supplement to take your early morning workouts to the next level.

1. Alarm Placement

When you have to get out of bed to workout early, setting an alarm seems like a no brainer. However, to get yourself into a properly motivated mindset, it can mean much more than simply setting an alarm and sleeping until it goes off. There are several different and surprisingly specific alarm strategies that many early morning workout enthusiasts have found to be successful.

For example, many people find that it can be hugely beneficial to place your alarm far enough from your bed that it would necessitate your rising to deactivate it. This can prove helpful, as getting up and moving as well as exposing yourself to light can make you realize that you don’t truly want to go back to sleep, and would prefer to get moving with your morning.

Another strategy, pioneered by the tried and true college workload, is to simply set two alarms, one being fifteen minutes early simply to alert you that, should you care to, you have fifteen more minutes to sleep. While this can lead to an endless loop of alarms for those less diligent, with the proper discipline, it can encourage a positive attitude upon waking up, giving you more time to prepare and contemplate how to workout in the morning.

2. Prepare a Playlist

The effects of music on motivation has been proven time and time again since antiquity, and your brain is likely just the same. Whether it’s hip-hop beats that get you into the groove of your day or some blaring rock or metal to get you as amped as possible, you likely can name a few songs that adequately get you fired up. While this may initially seem like one of the more superficial preparations you can make for an early morning workout, it’s not to be overlooked as a legitimate tactic to really get those feet on the floor.

When discussing how to workout in the morning, many tried and true early risers maintain that a determined headspace is absolutely crucial in making habitual changes, and music can be one of the primary motivators.

3. Schedule Brunch

Wait, brunch? What on earth could a light meal and a crisp mimosa have to do with getting in the headspace of a proper morning workout? More than you’d think. Simply schedule an activity or outing that’s pleasurable to you for after the workout. Just like you allow yourself enough time to prepare in the morning, you should also make time to cool down after an early morning workout.

light meal

While this can seem silly to more hardened early morning exercise enthusiasts, keep in mind that there’s nothing wrong with giving yourself a little reward for following through with your fitness plan.

4. Prepare the Night Before

If you’re not an early morning person, it can be hard to get out of bed, not to mention lace up your shoes and put on your workout gear. If you have an assortment of necessities that you need to prepare before taking off in the morning, you’re far more likely to simply say “maybe tomorrow.”

When figuring out how to work out in the morning, put together a bag that includes all necessary equipment organized and ready to go as soon as you get out of bed. If possible, have a breakfast ready to go – a delicious whey protein shake is a fast and easy way to get the nutrition you need for a great early morning workout.

5. Feel Good and Force Yourself

You’ve heard this one time and time again. As frustrating as it is to hear, it’s only said so much because it’s true. You simply have to force yourself every single day to which you’ve committed. As soon as you skip a day, you’ve created precedent to skip even more, and soon you get into a very “why bother” state of mind. If you hold yourself to a “no exceptions” standard, your body will react in due time.

It also doesn’t hurt to feel good about yourself when you go out, and this can involve something as simple as dietary supplements or workout clothing. Splash some water on your face, take a few deep breaths, and check out products to keep yourself interested and add more commitment to your workout routine.