At 406lbs, running a marathon wasn't possible for Tony Reyes - until he decided that enough was enough. He was sick of living a life full of limitations, so he worked relentlessly to lose 165lbs, and from there, the possibilities became endless. Tony decided to start tackling the goals he wrote down on his "impossible list" - one of them being to run that marathon.

"The world tells you that you cannot do things when your 406lbs, and I hated living with these restrictions, so I lost weight, and I dug deep. I'm having to push harder than I've ever had to before."

In this documentary, Tony takes us through the incredibly real and raw journey of living a life of obesity to completing "the impossible" - running a marathon. 



"Stop telling yourself you can't do it. This is your life. No matter how far down and deep you are and dark it is - you can turn your life around.

This is my life, and I'm fighting for it every day."