Fat Burn Supplements: Do They Actually Work?

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There are very few supplements on the market that are as misunderstood as fat burning pills. People who are uninformed think that they’re nothing more than a fraud or that they’re “miracle pills.” Of course, who can blame people for thinking that fat burners don’t work? We’ve seen so many fake online ads and “one weird trick” scams that it’s easy to think that fat burners are nothing more than one big con.

Although there are many low-quality and junky fat burners on the market, not all fat-burners are crap. Quite the opposite! If you’re looking for fat burners that work, look no further than Bare Performance Nutrition. Here at BPN, we’ve carefully formulated our Bare Burn fat burning supplement on sound science. We use all-natural ingredients to help you safely lose weight. No gimmicks. No games. No weird tricks. Just a natural, proven fat burning pills that work to help you lose weight safely and easily.

Still not convinced that fat burners work? Let’s walk through some of the most frequently asked questions we receive here at BPN about Bare Burn so you can decide for yourself.

Why Do Most Fat Burners Fail?

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If you’re looking for a weight loss supplement at your local drugstore, you’ll likely be overwhelmed by the large variety of choices. Don’t be fooled— most of these pills will do you more harm than good. There’s a variety of reasons for this:

  • Most fat burners are caffeine-packed pills. Caffeine in a fat burner is not a bad thing in and of itself (for instance, Bare Burn contains safe PurCaf!), but most “fat burners” are nothing more than glorified caffeine pills. Will they give you a short-term buzz? Yes. Will they speed your metabolism temporarily? Sure. Will they provide any long term benefits. No. In fact, because they often contain such high doses of caffeine, these types of fat burners are typically habit forming. Fat burners that work have safe, natural doses of caffeine that are non-habit forming.
  • Most fat-burners have mystery ingredients. Can you read the label and clearly understand what you’re putting in your body? If not, buyer beware! At BPN, none of our supplements contain banned substances, mystery ingredients, or secret proprietary blends. Our company was founded on the premise of providing transparent, clean products to our customers, and Bare Burn is no different.


Fat burning pills that work have easy-to-read ingredients and aren’t loaded with caffeine. Check Bare Burn’s label with the competition. It’s easy to see the difference.

What Does A Fat Burner Actually Do?

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Many people wonder if there’s proven science behind a fat burner. The answer is a resounding yes! It all comes down to the caloric intake and caloric deficit:

  • Caloric intake: How many calories are you consuming each day?
  • Caloric deficit: At the end of the day, have you burned more calories than you consumed? If you have, you are in a prime position for weight loss.


Everyone’s caloric needs vary, and you can check out the US Department of Health and Human Services website to find what your caloric “sweet spot” should be. If you maintain a caloric deficit, you’ll lose weight over time.

Fat burners that work create a thermogenic reaction in your body, allowing you to burn additional calories. When maintaining a healthy diet, you’ll find that fat burning pills that work will increase your caloric deficit, giving you better weight loss results.

Why Fat Burners Aren’t For Everyone

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Although Bare Burn is a powerful weight loss supplement, understand that even this high-quality product won’t work for everyone. Consider these issues before you purchase Bare Burn so you can achieve the best results.

  • Fat burners don’t make up for a lack of exercise. One of the best ways to lose weight is to maintain a good exercise routine. Through cardio and strength training, you’ll not only burn calories, but you’ll also strengthen and tone your body which will improve your overall health.
  • Fat burners don’t make up for a poor diet. Fat burners that work should be used in conjunction with an overall healthy diet. If you’re eating an abundance of food that is rich in calories, you won’t be able to create a deficit, even with fat burning pills that work.
  • Don’t use fat burners to make up for binge eating. You knew you shouldn’t have eaten pizza, ice cream, and candy last night, but you did anyway. We’ve all been there. But, using fat burners as a way to “purge” bad decisions from the previous day creates poor habits which are negative to your overall health.


Bottom line: even fat burners like Bare Burn that work aren’t magic. They’re a tool to be used in conjunction with an overall healthy lifestyle. Bare Burn simply provides that extra boost you’ve been looking for to improve your overall weight loss results.

Why Choose Fat Burners From BPN?

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Hopefully, you understand that when you choose supplements from BPN, you’re choosing safe, effective products that will give you proven results. When we were creating Bare Burn, we put the same meticulous effort into choosing ingredients as we did with all our other products, like our whey protein or Flight pre-workout supplement.

When you use Bare Burn, you’re getting natural, high-impact ingredients like:

  • Natural caffeine sourced from green coffee beans.
  • Ashwagandha (KSM-66®) to help ease your body into weight-loss mode.
  • L-Theanine for increased focus.
  • Theobromine to improve insulin sensitivity.
  • Capsimax™ from hot peppers to increase caloric expenditure by over 100 calories per capsule.
  • Dynamine™ aids with increased energy and improved mood.
  • Paradoxine™ provides whole body energy.


If you’re looking for fat burners that work, you don’t need to look any further than Bare Burn. Don’t believe us? Check out our online reviews; we’re happy to share our customer’s success stories with you. Stop your search for fat burning pills that work and order Bare Burn today!