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BPN Strong Greens: A Guide to Green Superfood Powders

Posted on November 03 2017

Green superfood products have surpassed the initial claims of it being merely a fad, and has established itself in the health and fitness industry as a product claiming to increase overall health in many areas. During the beginning stages of these products years ago, you would have to go into a vegan grocery store, or a local juicing place to get your superfood drink. Now green products such as powders and pre-made drinks can be found at many convenience stores, pharmacy chains and retailers all over the country. Many people, including myself were a bit skeptical of the necessity of these products. I remember making general critical comments about how we can just eat more vegetables and greens instead of taking a drink or powder. Then I was honest with myself— I wasn’t eating enough vegetables, especially greens. I realized that even though I included fruits and vegetables into my diet quite often, I wasn’t getting nearly the recommended daily intake. My mindset also changed on these products after taking one for about a month. There were tangible differences I felt from the product like increased energy. Many greens products claim their list of benefits to be extensive, but most doctors and researchers agree unanimously on a handful of benefits that  good quality green superfood products provide. Some of these benefits include, a sustained healthy bodily pH level, clearer skin, increased natural energy, rich antioxidant concentrations, and an extensive list of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and enzymes that are essential to the body. 

This product, like anything else in the supplement industry, is not evaluated and inspected by the FDA. Going to the local grocery store and grabbing any greens powder off of the shelves is not the best way to go about finding a solid greens supplement. Bad manufacturing practices, convoluted labels, and under dosing is all unfortunately a part of the supplement industry. When formulating our greens product for BPN, we set a goal for ourselves to provide the most natural greens product we could made with organic ingredients to our consumers. This meant finding a manufacturer that was completely adherent with cGMP guidelines, and also one that placed emphasis on natural and organic ingredients. This process would ultimately take much longer to get the product into consumers hands, but it was something that BPN wasn’t willing to compromise on. With the release of Strong Greens by BPN, customers are able to get a great tasting greens powder, made with organic ingredients for almost half of the price of some other powders on the market. Strong Greens is also on its way to being ‘Non-GMO Project Verified.’ Having this stamp of approval from America’s largest third party verification for non-GMO food and products helps to ensure the consumer that what they are getting is a pure supplement compiled with organic ingredients. 

BPN Strong Greens first and foremost ingredient is a Green Balance Alkalizing Blend. Our alkalizing blend contains alfalfa grass, chlollera, barley, lemon, gotu kola, kale, astragalus, spirulina, bitter melon, oat grass and wheatgrass. This blend of nutrient dense ingredients is formulated for optimizing your bodies pH balance, supplying your body with essential nutrients and phytochemicals, and also providing an organic source of antioxidants and amino acids. Barley and wheatgrass are both rich sources of chlorophyll, which helps fight cancer, promotes liver detoxification, and is vital for skin health. Kale, alfalfa and astragalus are all high in antioxidants which are beneficial for a healthy heart, and also help fight infections. The oat grass, spirulina, lemon, and alfalfa grass all provide the body with vitamins, nutrients, and minerals that are essential for optimal health. 

The next two ingredients Strong Greens contains are organic wheat grass powder and organic wheat grass juice powder. Wheatgrass is without a doubt one of the most mineral dense greens on the planet. It also contains vitamin A, B, C, E, I, and K. It is a good source of protein and amino acids as well. Wheatgrass is also one of the best sources of chlorophyll and can contain up to 70% chlorophyll in the plant. These natural sources of wheatgrass help to kill harmful bacteria, improve digestion, and help increase immunity. The next ingredient on the list is organic coconut water powder. Coconut water powder is natures sport drink. It contains calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium and sodium. Coconut water powder also is shown to promote clearer skin, hydrate the body and help with digestion. The next ingredient on the list is beet juice root powder. Beetroot powder has a high antioxidant count, along with containing dietary fiber, calcium, iron, potassium, folate and manganese— all essential nutrients. Beets are also very rich in nitrate, which has been proven to lower blood pressure and improve blood flow. 

Strong Greens also contains organic chlorella powder. Chlorella is a freshwater algae that has been shown to support healthy hormonal levels and function. Some of its other benefits include increased cardiovascular health, healthy blood pressure levels, a detoxification aid, and also an effective way to mitigate the negative effects of chemotherapy and radiation in cancer patients. Rounding out the list we have organic turmeric powered and organic ashwagandha root powder. Organic turmeric powder is a natural anti-inflammatory. Long term inflammation can pose negative health issues to the bodies tissues. It has also been shown to increase the antioxidant capacity of the body. It can block harmful free-radicals and stimulate the bodies antioxidant enzymes. Turmeric has also been proven to lower the risk of heart disease. It helps directly with the lining of the blood vessels and helps regulate blood pressure. Organic ashwagandha root powder like many of the ingredients on this list has a long list of proven benefits. It has been shown to reduce anxiety and relieve stress. Ashwagandha also has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. 

Perhaps the most important thing about the ingredients that are in Strong Greens is the fact that they work in synergism together— none more so that the ingredients that compile the green alkalizing blend. The ingredients work together to cover a wide variety of ailments experienced by people with low vegetable intakes, especially green vegetables. The ingredients play off of each other and work together to improve these ailments and improve unhealthy pH balances in the body. These ingredients from the beginning are sourced and processed in a gentle way that lets the powdered blend retain the nutrients that the plant contains. Ever since we were just kids most parents would encourage you to “eat your greens.” The classic cartoon character Popeye also made greens famous. Although Strong Greens may not get your arms as big as Popeye’s, it surely helps to fill the void that most American’s have in their diets from sub-optimal vegetable consumption. The benefits that organic greens provide to the body is not something that people should be willing to pass up. Implementing Strong Greens as part of your daily morning routine gives your body the best organic ingredients it needs to function at full capacity, both in terms of health, and endurance.