BPN Protein Flavor Spotlight: Mint Chocolate Chip Protein Powder

BPN Protein Flavor Spotlight: Mint Chocolate Chip Protein Powder

“How can a protein powder actually taste this good?”

That’s what our customers ask themselves the first time they try a taste of our mint chocolate chip protein powder. After one sip, you’ll agree that the flavor is just like having a double scoop ice cream cone at your local parlor…without compromising your fitness goals.

A Promise of Excellence

When Bare Performance Nutrition launched in 2012, we made a commitment to produce only the highest quality nutritional supplements. What does that mean? Each and every supplement we produce, like our mint chocolate chip protein powder, have easily readable ingredient labels that are 100% transparent. You can be confident of exactly what you’re allowing in your body each time you have a scoop of our protein powder.

Our mint chocolate chip protein powder has a blend of 88% whey protein and 12% casein. The balance of whey to casein allows the body’s protein levels to reach peak efficiency quickly, aiding in the production of lean muscle. It also ensures that the powder has a smooth, drinkable consistency that’s easy to mix in water or milk. It’s even convenient for baking as well, so you can slip it into your favorite. Our powders taste so good, you can incorporate them into a variety of creative recipes!

All in Good Taste

We’ve all had to choke down chalky, bitter protein shakes in the past. It’s not something that you look forward to at the end of your workout, that’s for sure. However, our mint chocolate chip protein powder is different. The taste is so close to having a bowl of mint chocolate ice cream that you’ll swear you’re cheating. But trust us, you’re not!

Each scoop of powder provides 24 grams of great-tasting protein. So not only are you able to drink a protein shake that actually tastes good, but it’s good for you as well. Drinking that much protein immediately after your workout will quickly pay dividends as you build muscle more rapidly.

Place Your Order Today

As Bare Performance Nutrition continues to grow, our customers tell us that they’re getting the results they’re looking for thanks to our products. Purchase your 5-pound mint chocolate chip protein powder for 70 servings of protein packed power. We also offer a vegan line of protein powder as well for those who desire to be dairy- and gluten-free.

Whatever powder you choose, make Bare Performance Nutrition your new home for nutritional supplements and supplies. Your body (and your taste buds) will thank you!