Bare Burn: The Fat Burning Powerhouse

Bare Burn: The Fat Burning Powerhouse

Is your training and nutrition on point, but you still aren't seeing the results you'd hoped for? Bare Burn can give you that extra edge.

If you put in the work, BARE BURN will get you the RESULTS.⁣

Bare Burn is not a magic pill - no fat burner is. But when paired with an effective, consistent training and nutrition regimen...the results can blow your mind!⁣

Bare Burn gives you the edge you need when it comes to your fat loss goals. Here's a breakdown of the formula:⁣⁣

CAFFEINE: This is going to boost your metabolic activity and increase your energy, which is why we recommend taking Bare Burn first thing in the morning.⁣

ASHWAGANDHA: This is going to reduce the body's response to cortisol levels which will increase progress during weight loss. ⁣

L-THEANINE: This is an amino acid that is going to increase your attention & focus.⁣⁣

THEOBROMINE: Researchers have found that this ingredient can significantly improve insulin sensitivity which is an important aid in controlling body weight.⁣

⁣CAPSIMAX™: This is a natural, non-stim ingredient that is harvested from hot peppers that increases thermogenesis. This can increase your daily calorie expenditure by 116 calories.⁣

DYNAMINE™: This ingredient boosts mood, energy and focus without elevating your heart rate or blood pressure.⁣

PARADOXINE™: This ingredient has been shown to increase whole-body energy expenditure and decrease visceral fat in the body.⁣

⁣When starting Bare Burn, we recommend starting by taking 1 capsule with food in the morning. The additional capsule can be taken also with food, 5-6 hours later. Once your tolerance is established, you can increase your daily serving to 2 capsules both taken in the morning.

Talk about a POWERHOUSE supplement. If you have any questions about Bare Burn, feel free to drop them below !