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A Guide to BPN's Black Friday Sales Event

Posted on November 15 2017

With the biggest shopping weekend of the year nearing, we wanted to give our customers and supporters some different options throughout Black Friday weekend in order for you the consumer, to get exactly what you want, at a significantly discounted price. The kickoff to BPN’s Black Friday weekend event is set to begin at 9 P.M. CST on Thursday, November 23rd. The first 250 orders placed will receive a BPN "Embrace the Suck" patch, a “BPN” sticker, a “Nick Bare Kick Today…” sticker, and a "BPN supps" bracelet. Pictured below are the free gifts (excluding the kettlebell). 

Beginning at 9 P.M. we also have the release of the limited edition green apple Flight pre-workout. There is only a limited number of units of this product and when it is sold out it will not be re-stocked, so act fast! BPN’s website usually offers free shipping on orders over $99, but for the Black Friday weekend event, the site will be offering free shipping to all orders placed that are over $50. 

For people who haven’t gotten the chance to try our newest green superfood product Strong Greens, Black Friday weekend is a great opportunity to do so. The whole weekend through Cyber Monday, there will be an opportunity to get 20% off your entire order by using the code, BLACKFRIDAY. This is great for people who have specific products that they need, or for people who want to customize their own orders’ stack. We will be offering 3 different pre-built product stacks already discounted for customers to choose from. These stacks are perhaps the easiest way to get products discounted at the highest rates possible. For this years Black Friday event we had BPN's founder Nick Bare, and operations manager Preston Bare compile their favorite products, and put them in pre-made stacks for the customers. The third product stack is going to be tailored to endurance athletes who are dedicated and focused on functioning at peak performance, 24/7. 

The stacks will consist of these products:


The Nick Bare Stack—  2lb. Cinnamon Roll Whey Protein

                                        Fruit Punch Endo Pump

                                        Pina Colada Flight Pre-workout

                                        Strong Greens



The Preston Bare Stack—  2lb. Milk & Cookies Whey Protein

                                              2lb. Mint Chip Ice Cream Whey Protein

                                              Raspberry Lemonade In-Focus

                                              Pineapple Mango Endo Pump

                                              Blue Raspberry Flight Pre-workout


The Endurance Athlete Stack— Watermelon Intra-Flight 

                                                      Strong Greens 


                                                      Fruit Punch Endo Pump


Aside from the limited products and free gifts, the Black Friday weekend event is a great opportunity for customers to stock up on their favorite BPN products. This 4 day event is the best chance for customers to get the highest discounts out of anytime of the year. Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping deals have become increasingly more popular over the years. The team at BPN wanted to give our customers the best possible deals, with enough options to ensure that every customer is satisfied. Don’t miss out on the many deals BPN is offering this Black Friday weekend event!