5 Workouts You Can Do Inside (And Away From the Cold!)

5 Workouts You Can Do Inside (And Away From the Cold!)

Cold weather hardly affects folks who go to the gym. You already do your workouts indoors, so the most inconvenient part of your routine is running to the car in cold weather with far too few clothes on (come on, you’ve done it!). Even though this is inconvenient, the cold weather shouldn’t affect your bodyweight training unless there’s inclement weather that makes it unsafe to go to the gym.

For those who like to do their workouts outdoors, the winter presents a whole different set of complications. Can you suit up with gloves, a hat, and thermals to keep you warm? Sure, that helps to a point. But there are a few problems with this. First, sometimes it’s just far too cold to exercise outside, no matter how much you bundle up. Second, when there’s snow or ice on the ground, it likely isn’t safe to exercise outside due to the higher probability of slipping. This is even worse if you’re a runner and there are no safe areas to run because sidewalks and roads are an icy mess.

The last reason is the simplest of all: sometimes you just don’t feel like exercising outside when it’s cold. That’s ok! There’s no shame in admitting it because we’ve all felt the same way at one time or another. The key in the winter months is that, when you’re not willing or able to exercise outdoors, you still take time for effective indoor bodyweight training.

No matter your reasoning for exercising indoors, consider some of these ideas from Bare Performance Nutrition, the leader in safe, effective workout supplements. Add some of these 5 components to your next indoor workout routine for a fail-safe method to overcome those chilly winter days.

5 Bodyweight Training Exercises to Use in Your Next Indoor Workout

Woman Jumps Rope for Exercise

Jumping Rope

Think jumping rope is just for kids on the playground? Think again. Professional athletes often utilize jump rope as part of their bodyweight training, and they love the improved coordination they get from an intense jump rope session.

If you’re a newbie, start by purchasing a high-quality rope. Don’t choose a cotton rope with hollow plastic handles from a toy store. A “rope” that is made of plastic will give you much better results, and you’ll find them to be very reasonably priced.

For the best bodyweight training results for your indoor workouts, jump rope in five-minute intervals. A simple way for beginners to break these intervals into smaller blocks is by alternating jumping rope forward, backward, with the right foot, and with the left foot. After five minutes, you’ll realize that this kind of jump rope isn’t for middle school PE class!

Man Crouching Down, Getting Ready to Jump


You may have been hoping burpees weren’t on this list...or any list of workouts for that matter. Most CrossFitters (and really anyone who’s endured a HIIT workout) have a love/hate relationship with them; however, there’s no denying that they are a great component of any indoor workout.

For those who are not familiar with burpees in bodyweight training, place your feet shoulder width apart on the floor. Then, squat and place your hands on the floor in front of you. Next, with your hands remaining on the floor, jump back so that your feet are behind you in a plank position. Then, jump back to the previous position and explode into the air, returning to your original position. One burpee can be done in four movements, so utilizing the cadence of counting to four will keep you on track.

Burpees are deceptively simple, but they are also incredibly versatile. Depending on your bodyweight training experience, they are easy to modify to make them more simple or more difficult. The choice is yours!

Man Doing a Plank Exercise


Push-ups are the classic indoor workout, but it’s popular for a good reason. They work! In fact, one of the three components of the Army physical fitness test is the good, old-fashioned push-up.

You are likely familiar with the form of the push-up, so it’s unnecessary to go into details about what it takes to do a proper push-up. However, many people doing push-ups end up losing their form as their arms, legs, and chest begin to grow weary. If you’re going to utilize pushups as part of your bodyweight training, make sure you do them correctly. Keep your backside from sticking up in the air and make sure your upper arms are level with the ground when you’ve completed your downward movement.

Ever wonder if you could do 1,000 pushups in an hour? Nick Bare, founder of BPN, recently explored that very question on his YouTube channel. Check the video out to see if it’s possible!

Woman Exercising Does Squats


Squats are another classic exercise that you should mix into your indoor, cold-weather bodyweight training routine. What makes them so amazing is that they can work several different zones of the body at once! Specifically, your hamstrings, quads, glutes, and abdominals will all benefit greatly from squats.

Again, like with push-ups, the form is simple, but it’s also very easy to cheat as you get tired. Keeping proper form with this indoor workout will ensure you get the best results. Want a visual of what good squats should look like, along with other helpful tips? Check out Nick Bare’s channel for a video with more advice.

Man Runs on Treadmill


Don’t like the treadmill? You’re not alone! There are a great deal of people who loathe the idea of running on a treadmill as part of their indoor workout. However, if you’re looking for an excellent indoor cardio workout, the treadmill is hard to beat.

The cost of a treadmill is cost-prohibitive for some. However, you’d likely be shocked by how many treadmills are cheap or even free in your area. Check Craigslist, local classified sites, and Facebook groups in your city or town. There’s many people that are glad to get them out of their house if you’re willing to pick it up!

Make BPN Part Of Your Indoor Workout Routine

Whatever your indoor, cold-weather exercise routine ends up looking like, make sure you support your hard bodyweight training with the high-quality products that Bare Performance Nutrition has to offer. If you want supplements that will ensure you perform at peak efficiency, then check out great tasting products like Embrace the Suck pre-workout formula, Endo-Pump, or Bare Burn. Questions? Contact us today, and we can help you achieve more than ever this winter.