5 Spring Break Fitness Vacations That Will Get You Fit Not Lit

woman running outside

It’s almost spring break, but it looks like that trip to Panama City isn’t happening this year. It’s probably for the best; when you consider the expense and time of traveling, it’s not worth the effort. Plus, let’s face it, that’s not really your scene. You’re at the point in your life now where you’d rather get fit, not lit.

If you’re looking for options for fitness vacations or staycations that help you keep your fitness plans going, there’s plenty of options nearby that don’t have to break the bank. With active adventures, you can experience the best of an active spring break within a few hundred miles of where you live. Save money, get fit, and have no regrets...it’s a winning combination.

Bare Performance Nutrition, the clean performance supplement leader, has compiled a few ideas to help you have your greatest spring break ever. Consider several of these low-cost or no-cost ideas to make this your fittest spring vacation yet!

Active Adventures to Get Your Heart Racing

1. Check Out A National Or State Park

Yellowstone National Park

When people think of spring break vacations, they think of Cabo or Daytona Beach. But, have you ever considered a fitness vacation to a national or state park? The National Park Service, which was created by President Woodrow Wilson in 1916, is an amazing natural resource.

Think visiting a national park is no fun? More people enjoy national parks than you may think. In fact, in 2017, over 330 million tourists piled into parks like Sequoia National Park, Yellowstone National Park, and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Of course, that doesn’t even account for the over 10,000 state parks run by the individual states where they are located!

Consider going to a national or state park for a fitness vacation of epic hikes, challenging climbs, kayaking opportunities, and countless other physical activities. For just a small fee, you’ll find endless amounts of ways to push yourself physically.

2. Find A Nearby Race

woman running in a race.

Ready, set, go! You may not realize how many local 5k, 10k, and marathon races are in your local area. Websites like Racewire can help you find local events, many of which are sponsored by local charities, meaning you can do good for yourself and the community at the same time.

Running not your style? Consider other active adventures like one of the many color races, warrior races, inflatable races or other specialty races that are in your area. Some of these races are more for fun, while others are downright intense. Whichever type you choose, races are always more fun with a group of friends, so make some plans with your pals and take a weekend fitness vacation to a race that catches your interest. Before you go, don’t forget to check out BPN’s tips to crush your next race!

3. Climb The Highest Point In Your State

backpacking man on mountaintop

What’s the highest point in your state? Check this chart from geology.com to find out. Then, plan a trip to make it to the top. If you live in Florida, you’ll find it interesting, but probably not incredibly challenging to walk the 345 feet to the top of Britton Hill. If you live in Alaska, however, the three-mile-plus hike to the top of Denali is an entirely different kind of active adventure!

Depending on the size of your state and the height of your state’s tallest peak, taking a fitness vacation to the highest point could be a journey you’ll never forget. Whether you’re climbing the wooded beauty of Western Massachusetts’ Mt. Greylock, enduring the wild weather of New Hampshire’s Mt. Washington, or admiring the barren beauty of Utah’s Kings Peak, it will be a trip that you won’t regret.

4. Take A Bike Ride

man riding a bicycle

Bike riding is almost criminally underrated. If you’re looking for a fitness vacation that will keep you close to home, ride a bike!

If you don’t own a bike that’s fit for the task of a long active adventure ride, consider renting a bike from a local shop for a week. If you like in a large urban area, there are typically bikes available for rent from automated racks on some street corners. Look for local bike trails, rail trails, or other specially designated paths. With some simple internet searching, you might be surprised at all of the trails nearby that you didn’t even know existed!

5. Visit Your Local Y

gym weight machines

Do you want to take a fitness vacation, but you need to stay close to home? Perhaps money is an issue or you can’t get the time off of work. If that’s your situation, there are still active adventures available for you! Consider visiting your local YMCA.

This could be advantageous for several reasons. The “Y” often offers guest passes for a limited amount of time, meaning you could visit your local YMCA during spring break without ever having to pay a dime. Once you get through the doors, you’ll find a fitness community that’s more extensive than your local gym. There’s classes, leagues, and support groups available for you to join. Most YMCA’s have Olympic-sized pools, extensive amounts of equipment, and full-sized basketball courts. In fact, most Y’s will have special classes and events that coincide with spring break, making the Y a fantastic place to be if your fitness vacation needs to be a fitness staycation.

No Matter Where You Go, Take BPN With You

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Whether your active adventure means going across the country or simply across town this spring break, make sure that the epic supplements from Bare Performance Nutrition come along with you. Our clean, no-nonsense formulas are made with only the best ingredients. Our easy-to-read transparent labels tell the story: no proprietary blends and no nightmarish ingredients. Our customers love our product, and we know you will too.

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