5 Fun Outdoor Activities to Get in a Great Workout

Outdoor Activities

The temperature is rising and that means it’s a great time to get outdoors and get some exercise. We believe the best summer outdoor activities are those that also raise your heart rate and leave you feeling invigorated and refreshed. The following are our favorite outdoor workout ideas to make the most of the glory days of summer. Choose an activity below, get after it, and grab all the sunshine you can!

1. Tennis

Tennis is a great way to build bone density and work out with friends in a social setting. Running back and forth up and down the court is also a great way to build aerobic capacity, reduce body fat, and build up muscle tone. Great tennis players also have lightning quick reflexes, and you will too if you hit the court on a regular basis!

Another fun thing about tennis is that it offers lots of areas for improvement. From your serve to backhand, forehand to groundstroke, there are lots of techniques to develop and explore. Whether it’s solo with a partner, mixed doubles, or simply lobbing shots that come from a tennis ball machine, you’ve got lots of ways to get a full day of exercise in.

If you’re playing tennis regularly you should make sure to stretch before and after every session. Tennis elbow and knee injuries are very common in this sport so this is one outdoor workout idea you may not want to undertake if you have a history of these types of injuries.

2. Cycling

Cycling targets plenty of muscle groups and is one of the best summer outdoor activities to get in a great workout. More than just your legs, cycling works out your glutes, biceps, triceps, and deltoids.

Hopping on your bike for a ride means hopping into a diverse, welcoming community of road warriors. Chances are your local bike shop will have plenty of events and things to do, so make sure to check them out for some outdoor workout ideas on two wheels.

One thing to consider with cycling is that it can become somewhat costly. Luckily there are plenty of bikes out there for those who are budget conscious. You can also get discounted gear and accessories online to make sure you’re riding safely and in style.

3. Kayaking

Nothing beats a morning of kayaking if you live near the water. Kayaking is one of the best summer outdoor activities to exercise your upper body. Like cycling, it’s also a great way to travel and explore your immediate surroundings.

summer outdoor activities

The fun part about kayaking is that you don’t really need outdoor workout ideas as much as curiosity and willingness to explore. It’s a great activity for people who prefer less structure.

Kayaks can reach places that typically can’t be reached by car or on foot. Once there, you can enjoy watching the wildlife from the comfort of your boat on the water. What’s more, you’ll be getting a great upper body workout on the way there and back. What could be better than that?

4. Stand-Up Paddle Boarding

One of our favorite outdoor workout ideas has only become popular in recent years. Stand-up paddle boarding is a wonderful excuse to get out on the open water and make some (gentle) waves.

It may look like a piece of cake, but stand-up paddle boarding is one of the best summer outdoor activities that also happens to be a great workout.

While standing upright on your board and paddling in calm waters, you’re exercising your whole core. It takes a good deal of concentration and strength to stay balanced. It’s also a constant process of adaptation as you navigate the waves. Master that, and you could be discovering cool new worlds during your workout.

5. Trail Running

For those without access to the water, trail running is one of the best summer outdoor activities to get back into nature and get a great workout while doing it.

With trail running, surfaces are uneven and add another level of challenge to your exercise. Running over rocks, dirt and leaves promotes a high degree of focus and concentration. It also happens to be an outdoor workout idea that’s a ton of fun. If you live in a city, taking a few hours out of your day on a weekend to travel to someplace more rustic and get in a few miles of running is a great excuse to escape the grind of city life and commune with nature.

One of the downsides of trail running is that uneven terrain can leave your legs feeling sore. Make sure you are setting yourself up for success before your workout.

If you can manage that though, you’ll marvel at how freeing trail running feels. With no equipment to bog you down you can lose yourself in the beauty of nature. And who knows, you may even be inspired to run a 5k, a 10k, or even a marathon!

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