The New CEO of Bare Performance Nutrition

The New CEO of Bare Performance Nutrition

Bare Performance Nutrition is proud to announce our new Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Katherine "Kat" Thomas!

Kat initially joined the BPN team as an advisor at the beginning of 2022. She quickly noticed BPN’s unique culture and commitment to being a disruptor in the space and decided to jump on as the company’s Chief Revenue Officer (CRO). Last year, Kat helped drive BPN’s growth strategy through launches in Central Market and H.E.B and has laid a foundation for rapid retail expansion in 2023.

With nearly a decade of experience as a startup founder, investor, and business operator, Kat connected with Nick on a shared willingness to embrace hardship in favor of the positive impact a great brand can offer their consumers.

As CEO, Kat will spearhead BPN’s next chapter of omnichannel growth, expanding the brand's reach and enhancing the customer experience. Nick is excited to move into a new role as Chief Creative Officer (CCO), overseeing all things creative and marketing, and will remain an integral part of the business.

On the most recent episode of the Bare Performance Podcast, introducing Kat as CEO and explaining the rationale behind the move, Nick and Kat discussed service on two levels:

1. BPN's Service to the World – We aspire to change lives for generations, helping people find their full potential. Put simply by Nick, "More people need to find this message". Because if they do, their quality of life, work, and physical performance will be better, and this act of service will compound from one person and generation to the next.

2. A Leader's Service to the Team – When you serve others better, you possess a greater capacity to support the brand's mission and vision. Kat joined the BPN team saying, "I want to help" not "I want to be a leader." Each day she exemplifies the difference service makes in the culture of a business.

The next chapter of BPN's evolution offers great promise, and this move will encourage further growth and the ability to scale. In her new role, Kat's experience, humility, and servant leadership will serve the BPN team and the Go One More® community.


Q: What is your athletic background?

A: It may sound cliché, but I've been an athlete my entire life. I was in hockey skates by age 3, on a soccer team by age 4, and picked up a lacrosse stick at age 5. I played all three sports competitively through high school and was fortunate to receive a scholarship offer to attend Duke University for lacrosse.

Sports are a huge part of my identity. As far back as I can remember, I have memories of extreme discomfort in athletic endeavors. I remember 6 AM hockey games at age seven that required a 5 AM arrival to an outdoor rink, sitting at single-digit temperatures in the depths of winter in Upstate New York. Your fingers would crack as you tied your skates. Once you hit the ice, the air in your lungs was so cold you'd experience this faint taste of blood in your mouth. When you'd remove your skates at the end of the game, the blood would rush to your toes, causing the most excruciating pins and needles, leaving many kids in tears. I share this because I'm convinced my perpetual exposure to discomfort in athletics through all stages of life has created a high tolerance for discomfort and distress. Frankly, it's been a lifelong mental exercise of redefining "hard" daily.

This high tolerance for discomfort translates directly to persevering as a founder and operator through constant challenges. Obstacles and failure are inevitable in building anything, but the ability to keep moving forward and move the needle of progress regardless of setbacks differentiates a company.

Q: Do you have a Prove Yourself Right challenge for the coming year?

A: Yes! Sub 3 Marathon at Eugene in April. I'm still working to find something for the fall or winter. Maybe my first ultra? Also, I'd like to find time to complete a yoga certification – RYT-200 (200-hour Registered Yoga Training).

Q: What does Go One More® mean to you?

A: I tend to take a more abstract approach to Go One More. For me, Go One More is a standard.

We live in a world obsessed with optimization and life hacks—everyone is looking for ways to get more while doing less. Go One More is a commitment to a standard of effort. It recognizes that without work, there will not be outcomes. It's doing whatever it takes to ensure you are marginally better today than you were yesterday because even marginally better is progress. Many think hard work is dated. In my experience, the only success that feels good is the success earned through hard work.

KT's gut check: You get to the finish line of life. A relative is standing there and asks, "Did you take any shortcuts?" If your answer to that is "Never" then you're on the right track.

Q: What are you passionate about and why?

A: I could probably write a book on this, but I will keep it brief.

My passion for health and wellness has roots in two origin stories. First, I'm a foodie at heart. I'm not a foodie in the hipster sense of obsessing with food fads—I simply love cooking and creating. Food is not just fuel but rather a powerful medium for connecting people. I love nothing more than preparing a meal for loved ones, sitting back, and watching them enjoy it.

The second origin story is athletics. When you spend your entire life playing sports, you build an unbelievable appreciation for the human body. When you play competitively, you quickly realize that the very activity that used to be "good for you" quietly wears you down and takes a toll. This understanding then starts the cycle of redefining wellness. Health and wellness are everyday commitments, not destinations.

In the same way an athlete's style of play and skill level evolves, a person's definition of wellness should develop. I am a constant learner who believes "strong opinions, loosely held" is the best approach to wellness. Formulate your opinions based on consistent experience but be open to evolution and change as research and knowledge develop.

The combination of these two passions helps bring clarity to my purpose. My passion for food represents the product side of the equation. My passion for athletics and human performance represents the industry of focus. If we can formulate products that make people's daily lives incrementally better, and those persons make incremental progress daily, and we share that progress as inspiration and motivation to countless others, then we truly can make our mark on society.

Q: Favorite BPN supplements?

A: Daily... Strong Greens and Reds, Strong Multi-Vitamin, Strong Joints, and our Electrolytes drink mix (Strawberry is awesome!) and the BPN Field Bar (Peanut Butter Crunch).

Our most underrated product is easily Peak Sleep. I would cite myself as a bad sleeper for life. Peak Sleep helps in a way I've never experienced with any other sleep product. I am working to be more consistent in taking this sleep support every evening.

The product I just started experimenting with is our cognitive enhancer In-Focus. I'm incredibly sensitive to caffeine and am slowly weening off coffee. My goal is to replace my cup of coffee with a serving of In-Focus daily to avoid the coffee jitters!


Many things make BPN different, some outward facing, others felt internally by team members. The mission and vision of our company are clear and understood by all – we aspire to change lives and push the industry's standards.

Culture doesn't just matter, it is everything at BPN. The culture we continue to develop and refine is free of ego, a space where each member knows their role and is empowered to own it to the best of their ability. Every function is crucial to the team's ability to win; therefore, no position or job title is more important than another.

The transition outlined above will maximize BPN's potential. Our organizational structure allows all team members to function, as Nick references in the podcast, within their specific area of genius. Everyone is empowered to serve in the role that best capitalizes on their strengths. As a result, our team can most effectively fulfill the mission, providing a lasting benefit to the lives of our community.

From all of us at BPN, thank you for supporting the brand and continually representing Go One More® through daily action. 2023 and beyond is going to be a special time to be a part of the community, and we can't wait to have you along for the ride!


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Cinnamon Roll, @hide-plp
Blueberry Muffin, @hide-plp
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